|Flash Fiction|

Saturday I and my sister attended a Flash fiction seminar at one of our local libraries! I had a great time! Everyone there wrote a small piece of fiction and some of us read it aloud for everyone to hear, and then the Authoress who was running the seminar, gave us some tips on how to better our pieces! Here is the piece I wrote…. (I did delete a sentence she recommended)

Wait….Why was my head and body shaking like a rocking-horse in a tornado? I dared to open my eyes but the sharp light made me snap them shut again. And that awful sound! Who was screaming?! It was as if someone who didn’t know the first thing about singing was recording an opera album through a megaphone.

I heard giggling, a happy bubbly giggle that made me smile, even in my confused state. I opened my eyes again and saw my little brother; his hair sticking straight up, his face happy as could be, as he shook me by my shoulders. My little sister climbed onto my bed, her giggle and infectious grin radiating like a summer sunset.

And then, our giant Labrador Retriever hops onto my bed and licks my face with all the slobber he could muster.

The End…

Flash fiction is a small fictitious story…. only a few hundred words or so. It’s a great way for writers to get creative! Also, another form of flash fiction is a drabble…a “drabble” is a story of exactly 100 words! Now that is a challenge! No more and no less than 100 words.

I am working on a few more fictitious stories to share with you all. 🙂 So stay tuned!

Madi ❤


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