Judicious Julia – {Chapter one}


Julia Fritz

Julia Fritz

What would you do if you watched a man shoot another man? Yeah…well you do that…But for me? Me…I just stood there. It’s not that I was brave, I just couldn’t bring my legs to move away from where I stood across the street from Mr. Doubleday’s book store. When I saw the man with the gun I hid behind a bush, and then the shot went off. It was louder than I expected.

“You saw it too?”
“I..I..I didn’t see a thing!” I lie whirling around to see who had spoken from behind me. There stands a girl, probably my age but much taller and slimmer.
“Shhhh or he’ll hear us” she says quietly, her eyes as big as saucers.
“Sorry” I turn to see if the young man saw me, doesn’t seem so.
“I’m Sarah Parker from Parker Manor” she whispers. “Follow me, we should report this to the police”
Oh…the new rich girl… I think, as she takes my arm and pulls me after her.
A block away sits a limo, she pushes me in the back seat and follows me inside.
In normal circumstances I would have been excited to ride in a limo, it’s a pretty rare thing in Randcliffe County, but not this time, I don’t feel much excitement at all actually.
“What’s your name?” Sarah asks
“Oh… I’m Julia Fritz”
“Nice to meet you Julia”
“Yeah, you too”
We drive on in silence for a time, I mean come on, we both saw something pretty freaky back there, it’s not the best time to talk about shopping, boys or the weather. After about 15 minutes I feel as though something isn’t just right.
“Uh…Sarah…this isn’t the way to the police department” I point out, thinking maybe since she’s new in town and doesn’t know her way around.
“I know that Julia, we aren’t going to the police department” She says smugly.
“um.. what?”
“Wait and see Julia, wait and see”
So I start to panic. WHERE IS SHE TAKING ME!? I scream inside.
I carefully pull my phone out of my pocket and see someone has been texting me. Alex!

Alex: Where are you??
Alex: We’re waitingggg
Alex: Pick up your phone!
I quickly reply back.
Me: Alex, someone was shot. I think I have been abducted. I don’t know what to do. Pray for me.

I slip my phone back in my pocket and look back at Sarah. She’s engrossed in some book that seems to be in French, since I can’t read the title.
I cough to cover up the vibration sound my phone makes and wait a moment before checking it.

Alex: WHAT?!? Be careful Julie, I’ll call the police and see what I can do. Praying.

Thank goodness! I knew I could count on him.
“We’re here Miss” the driver says suddenly as we pull up to a curb.
“Thank you Louis” Sarah chirps as she pulls out her phone and texts someone.
Moments later I see a man walking toward the limo.
OH MY WORD. It’s the man with the gun! I’m dead I’m dead I’m dead. I bite my thumb nail and try not to say all that out loud.
“Julia, I’d like you to meet my brother, Manuel” Sarah giggles as the young man slides into the seat across from us.
“Hello Missy” Manuel drawls.
“Sarah…What’s going on?” I ask, my voice rising to a nervous squeak. I try not to act completely freaked out. Because I am completely freaked out.
Sarah laughs as if I’m a small child asking some silly question like, ‘Can monkey’s fly?’ Or, ‘Do chickens talk?’
“Julia, what you saw back there…. Manuel with the gun? The store owner on the ground? Those things will never be repeated to anyone. Do you understand me?” Sarah demands.
I hesitate, looking from Sarah to Manuel and see the barrel of the gun pointed directly at my face.
“IS THAT UNDERSTOOD?” Sarah screams.
“Yes yes understood, completely understood” I say quickly.
“Good” Manuel and Sarah say in unison.
“Because you saw what you saw Julia, you will be working for us. And if you don’t do as we say, somebody will have to pay”
I look to Sarah in surprise. “Work for you? What can I do?”
“Whatever we say, may it be to pick me up a latte or to stab someone in the back, you will do it”
“But… I couldn’t…I” I blanch.
“But, you WILL. Or else someone in your family, or maybe Alex will have to go” Sarah says and looks to her brother still waving his gun.
“But…I…wait…how do you know about Alex?” I ask in disbelief.
“Julia, Julia, Julia…I’m no Amateur” Sarah laughs “all of your texts and phone calls will come directly to me! See?” She holds up her phone where mine and Alex’s last texts are displayed.
I swallow hard. “Oh”

Here is a small piece I’m working on 🙂
Oh and the definition of the word Judicious is:
Having, exercising, or characterized by good or discriminating judgment; wise, sensible, or well-advised.

Have a wonderful weekend! 🙂
Madi ❤


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