Judicious Julia – {Chapter five}


I know I can’t tell Alex anything. I can’t put him danger. But his look tells me I can. It tells me that I really have no choice but to tell him something. Alex
“Jewel. Now.” He says, grabbing my arm and pulling me after him. He does the same to Addy and we hurry to his car.
“I’ll leave you two alone….” Addy says nervously. She holds her hand to her ear and mouths “Call me!” as she hurries to her car.
“Get in.” Alex says, holding the door open for me. I climb into the passenger seat and we hurriedly pull out of the parking lot to stay clear of the police.
“What do you have to say for yourself?” He asks, once we are quite a bit away. My phone rings at that instant. Manuel.
“Uhh..Let me get this..” I say then I answer the phone. “Hey”
“Hey Julia, sorry about that, I couldn’t get caught…did you get a ride?” Manuel asks. I look to my left.
“Yeah, Alex is bringing me home, and it’s ok.” I notice Alex tense.
“Make sure you don’t tell him anything Julia, not a thing about whats going on.”
Gulp… “Ok” I squeak.
“I’ll see you tomorrow, we’re going to go find the book. I’m sure its at my cousins house, and I don’t think he would hide it….its really not like him.”
“Yeah…ok, see you tomorrow then…”
“See ya.” And we disconnect.
“Who are you going to see tomorrow? I hope its not that Manuel fellow.” Alex says pointedly.
“Umm…Yeah its him.”
“Jewel, what was that back there? Who are those guys?”
“I can’t tell you.” Here we goooo….
I see Alex’s temper flare. “WHAT CAN’T YOU TELL ME?! I’m your BEST FRIEND!” He says, his face flaming red.
This has only happened 10 times tops, since I’ve known Alex. Its scary every time.
“I know you’re my best friend…that’s why I can’t tell you…” Sigh “..its complicated.”
Alex pinches the bridge of his nose and shakes his head. “This doesn’t make sense Julia. Why is it any different if I were your best friend or not? Why can’t you just tell me?”
“If I tell you, you, your family and mine, will be in serious danger. I can’t tell anyone…Don’t you see how hard this is for me? I always tell you everything, but I can’t right now because I need you to stay safe.” I can’t help the tears that begin to fall down my freckled cheeks.
Alex looks startled. “Jewel, please don’t cry, you know how I hate when people cry.”
I laugh sadly. “And you know I can’t help it sometimes. Girls cry, Al!”
We sit in silence for several moments. I watch as rain begins to drizzle down the windshield. I tap my fingers on the door in time to the swish swish squeeeeak of the windshield wipers.
“So…You won’t tell me anything?” Alex questions.
“I can’t.”
Alex sighs.
After another few minutes of driving I ask Alex to turn down a side street.
“Just do it! Quick!”
He takes a right and the car behind us does the same. “We’re being followed.” I say nervously.“What?!” Alex’s eyes dart to the rear view mirror. “Who is that?”
“I don’t know. But we have to lose them, and quick!”
Slamming his foot to the gas pedal, the speedometer jumps ahead as does the jeep.
Alex weaves in an out of streets passing through stop signs and barely missing a group of kids crossing the street.
“I really hope I don’t get a ticket.” Alex says through clenched teeth.
I really hope we don’t get killed.
“Manuel definitely doesn’t seem like your type to me.”
I turn to Alex and can’t help but laugh, even in our current situation. “How would you know if I even had a type?”
“I dunno…I just thought I knew you.”
“You do know me Alex…what are you talking about?”
“I haven’t known you these past couple of days. You haven’t acted like yourself…and all of a sudden you’re all buddy buddy with these two rich kids.” He checks his mirrors then continues. “You acted nervous around me! You never act nervous around me! I just don’t know what happened to Jewel, my bestie.”
He pinches my cheek and smiles sadly. “I think we lost them”
Here comes the waterworks. And I don’t mean the downpour outside.
Again my eyes overflow and the salty tears stream down my face.
“I’m sorry Alex, I didn’t want it to be this way, I didn’t want to lie to you, to my parents, to anyone!” Ugh Now I’m sobbing.
“Julia, I can help you through this, I just need you to trust me.”
I try to arrange the details in my head, what parts I can tell him without him getting hurt. But I can’t think of anything without adding more lies to the mix. And something as small as asking Uriah to help me look for a book in a library had gotten him kidnapped.
“Alex..I trust you..don’t get me wrong. But it’s not about whether I trust you or not..I just don’t trust them.”
“Who is ‘them‘?”
“I don’t know…I mean, there are lots of ‘thems‘” Shaking my head I turn to look out the window. I decide I can’t tell him a single thing.
“JULIA HOLD TIGHT!” Alex yells as he slams on the breaks and his jeep skids to a hasty stop.
The car that had been chasing us sits directly in front of us.
Alex pulls the gear into reverse, but behind us sits a second vehicle.
“What are we going to do?!” I ask, locking the door as several men climb out of the car.
“I don’t know Julia…I don’t know.”
Suddenly there’s a man at both of our windows. They both have guns.
The one on my side taps the window and tells me to open the door.
When I don’t move I see him pull something out of his pocket.
“Alex! He’s picking the lock!” I scream, sliding away from the door and closer to him.
Suddenly the door is jerked open and the man grabs my arm yanking me from the seat. I scream and am pulled from the car and onto the street.
“This is all we need thank you” The man says gruffly. The door slams shut as he drags me toward their vehicle.
“WAIT! What are you doing?” Alex yells as he hurries out of his car.
“We just need the girl, you’re free to go.” The man waves his hand at Alex.
“Excuse me? I’m not going anywhere without her. And you’re not going anywhere with her.” Alex lunges at my captor just to be grabbed from behind by a second man.
Without a second thought Alex has the man flipped over his back and onto the cement.
I pull away from the mans grasp on my hands and send a hard front kick smashing into his abdomen. He sucks in his breath and I use his size and current weakness against him, flipping him into a heap in the street.
Alex and I could soooo take these two dudes down. But there are more than two dudes. Soon we are surrounded by men dressed in black, standing in the pouring rain.
I’m pulled away from Alex, towards the waiting car. And Alex is pulled the opposite direction.
Someone ties my wrists behind my back and I get a gag that is way to big for my mouth shoved into my face.
“Take me with you! I’ll go too!” Alex says, but the men just ignore him, and tie him loosely to a street light pole.
They throw me into the back seat and I watch through the back window as the men get into their cars and Alex’s and we drive off.
“WAIT!” I hear Alex yell. “That’s my car!”
None of the men talk to me as we drive. But I hear the name Greyson and my ears perk up.
“I don’t know…I don’t think the boss will be to happy about this.” One man says.
The driver snarls. “Shut up! This is definitely going to make him pleased with us, we might even get a raise!”
“The boss wanted the book, not this girl.”
The driver looks directly at me through his rear view mirror.
“Knock her out.” He says.
My eyes widen.
“What?!” the first man asks.
The man socks me in the jaw sending pain throughout my face and I slowly drift into oblivion. But not before hearing the drivers last remark.
“I meant with anesthesia.”
That would have been preferred.

There ends the fifth chapter! I hope it was enjoyable. I’m sorry for it being a day late.
Madi ❤


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