Judicious Julia – {Chapter six}


I feel like an idiot, I just let my best friend be kidnapped along with my car.
Pulling and twisting my wrists I finally get them free from the ropes, but that does nothing to ease the regret I feel.
Where would they take her? I wonder. Who are ‘they’?
I pull on my hood to block the rain. Not like I’m not already soaking wet.
Its been about 20 minutes since I was tied up here if my guess is correct, so by now, at the speed they were going, Julia’s captors could be miles away. I take off running in the direction they went.
I don’t know where I’m going, or what I’ll do when I get there but little do they know I can Alexfind exactly where they are. I just need a phone. Alex, sometimes you can be sooo stupid.

I had left my phone in the cup holder inside my jeep. After awhile of running,
I see a man walking my direction, he’s on his phone. Maybe he will be able to help me.
Jogging over to him I hear the mans conversation.
“Alright Honey, I’ll be home soon…I know I need to get it fixed, do you think I enjoy walking home after work?”
He stops in front of me and rolls his eyes at whatever his wife is saying.
“Babe, I gotta go, I’ll be home soon…Love you too. Bye.”
He sighs. “What can I do for you, son?”
“My friend was kidnapped and the guys who took her also took my vehicle. I need a phone to call the police, and also to track down my car…I have a GPS tracker on it.”
He looked at me warily. Then seeing the sincerity in my face dialed the police.
“Here you are, but I have to get home so don’t take all day.”
I quickly fill the police in on all the details I know about the situation and they promise to be on the look out.
Then I quickly log into my GPS tracker account through the mans browser. Within seconds I have a reading.
“Gotcha!” I thank the man for his phone and take off running again, this time knowing exactly where I’m going.
I just hope Julia’s alright.


I don’t know where they’ve taken me but wherever it is it smells like stinky men and sweat.
I overheard a guy say that we’ll be leaving soon to visit Greyson.
So he’s the one who’s behind this.
I try to wriggle free from these ropes but they’re so tight. My phone keeps vibrating in my pocket and whenever it does I fake a coughing fit so they won’t hear it.
I hope its Alex, I hope he can find me.
“Alright sweetie we’re just gonna take you for a little rode trip.” says an older man, probably in his late forties I guess from his greying hair.
My heel connects with his shin and he falls over, clutching his leg in pain.
“What was that for!?”
Eye roll.
A younger man helps him up. “We kidnapped her….I think that is reason enough.”
They both take hold of my shoulders and pull me off of the ground, using the rope as a grip.
“Here, you get her in the car I’m gonna go call the boss.” The first man says watching me from the corner of his eye.
What you lookin at tough guy? I glare at him.
I’m lifted into the back of a black vehicle and a white cloth is pinched to my nose.
I try to fight it but in seconds I drift off.
I’m out.


When I finally get to the address that the GPS said my car should be.
I’m dripping wet, from the rain and sweat.
I hurry to the building and peer in the garage window. There she is!
My jeep.
I pull at the garage door but it won’t budge. I get the same result at all the other doors.
“I already tried getting in but it’s really no use.”
I turn around, coming face to face with Manuel.
“What…What are you doing here?” I ask him. I really don’t like this dude.
“I’m following Julia, as are you, I suspect.” His questioning statement made me angry.
“Why would you be following Julia?” I demand.
“Because she wouldn’t be in this mess if it weren’t for me.” Manuel replies calmly. “But she isn’t here. You can come with me if you want.”
“How do you know where she is?” I ask, though I don’t really want his help.
Manuel holds up his phone revealing a map. A small red dot moves slowly down a road a few miles from here.
“I have a tracking device on her phone.” Manuel says. “Oh, and Julia would tell you what was going on, she really would. But she can’t, we forbade her.”
You FORBADE her? Since when do you tell her what she can and cannot do?” Cool it Alex, calm down. Don’t try to rip his head off.
“Since your girlfriend came snooping and saw something she shouldn’t have.” Manuel rolls his eyes. “Now are you coming with me or not?”
“I’ll take my car.”
“That will take too long, come with me and we can pick yours up on the way back.”
I peer over his shoulder, spotting his sweet car. Maybe it wouldn’t hurt to hitch a ride…
Manuel hands me his phone as he pulls out of the parking lot. “Tell me where to go.” He says. “Oh, and I called the police and told them we found your car.”
“Right.” How does this guy get around so fast?! Freaky….
We drive in silence except when I need to give direction, until Manuel finally speaks.
“Are you jealous of me?” he asks with a smirk.
“No…Why would I be jealous?” I ask, my face reddening.
“Because Julia has been into me and not you.”
“Its whatever, I mean we’re not dating or anything…” OK yeah it does bother me a little bit. little bit of a lot….
“You wish you were dating her though, don’t you?” Again, Manuel’s smirk grates on my nerves.
“We’re just friends.”
“Really? So you wouldn’t mind if I dated her?”
Of course I’d mind... “It doesn’t really matter what I think, it’s up to Julia and her parents.”
I’ve known Julia for a long time. She’s my best friend, and I have to admit I do have feelings for her…I just don’t want to mess up our relationship.
“The red dot stopped.” I say changing the subject. “Turn right up ahead and take it slow.”
Manuel turns and we drift down the street. For the first time I realize that taking my dark colored jeep would have been a much better idea than this bright colored Mustang.
“They’re in there.” Manuel says matter-of-factly. He pulled down a side street and parks the car. “We’ll walk from here.”
Keeping to the left we cross the street. “There’s a camera.” I mutter and we press our backs to the building creeping toward the corner.
“Do you see anyone?” Manuel asks.
I look around the corner. “Nothing but a van. It looks empty.”
Keeping our backs to the wall we slip around the corner until we are next to a window.
I look inside and what I see frightens me.
“What is it? What do you see?” Manuel whispers.
“Julia, she’s tied to a chair. Some guy is holding a gun to her. She looks scared.”
Manuel looks inside as well.
“Greyson! That fool. Julia doesn’t even have the journal.”
“You know this guy?”
“Yes, he’s an old friend of my grandfathers.”
“Friend?” Some friends this dude has….
“Well, he was a friend…That’s besides the point. Can you hear what they’re saying?”
I press my ear to the wall near the window.
“No, I hear voices but I can’t tell what they’re saying.”
“Follow me.” Manuel gets down on all fours and crawls under the window. I follow.
“That door over there…I doubt it’s locked.” Manuel whispers.
I reach for the handle and it turns. “It’s open.”
Manuel pats his pocket. “If things get crazy in there stand back, I’ll take care of it.”
“I’ll take care of myself.” I say. Who does this pretty boy think he is?!
We enter the building, I squint to see due to the dark interior.
“I hear the voices at the end of that hall.” Manuel whispers and we tip toe down the hall.
A low raspy voice comes from behind the door at the very end of the hall.
“Now, tell us where the journal is or we’ll have to do this the hard way.”
Gulp…What’s the hard way?
“I told you already, I don’t know where it is!”
Julia. Hearing her voice makes me feel better.
“Missy, you better stop lying, we know you and your boyfriend took it back from Adam Parker.”
I stiffen. Did he just call Manuel her boyfriend?
“We didn’t! And he’s not my boyfriend.” Got that right!
“Then what was it you took? Why would you take off the way you did?”
“Adam had my friend Uriah, we were rescuing him, but I don’t know where the journal is.”
Uriah?!…that’s where he was?
“I don’t know that I believe that. So you’ll have to stay here until we have the journal, and if you don’t start talking that could be a long time.” The man says.
“Please sir! I promise if I knew I would tell you the truth, please just let me go.” Julia’s voice is scared, I hope they haven’t hurt her.
I look at Manuel and he nods. We’re going in.
I open the door, Manuel and I walk in like we own the place.
The three men look at us in surprise. “Manuel? Manuel Parker?” The eldest man says in disbelief.
“Yep, it’s me, Greyson. What do you have to say for yourself? Kidnapping an innocent girl! I never knew you would bow so low.” Manuel mocks astonishment.
Greyson’s face reddens as he struggles for an answer. “Manuel I…Well you see…I uh…”
“I’m waiting…” Manuel examines his fingernails.
Greyson finally speaks up, he seems angry. “Manuel, you know that your Grandfather owed me, it’s only fair that I had part of his fortune.”
Manuel steps towards him, looking him straight in the eyes. “My grandfather didn’t owe you a dime. So you don’t get a single penny of his fortune.”
I take the tense moment as a chance to free Julia from her bonds.
“You found me!” She whispers as I untie her.
“Of course I did, I wouldn’t have let you be taken and just sit there!” I notice her head is bleeding and around her right eye is a purplish hue. “Are you OK?” I ask.
“Yeah I’m alright.”
“HEY!” One of the men shouts and he lunges for me. I deflect him with a kick to the gut.
Greyson, seeing me, balls up his fist preparing to send it flying at me.
Manuel steps closer and pulls out his gun, aiming it at the men. “I would keep a distance if I were you.”
He looks at me. “Hurry up man!”
Once Julia is untied I help her stand and we hug. I notice she seems to be favoring her right leg.
“What happened to your leg?”
Her eyes narrow. “That dude kicked me… for kicking him first.” She motions to the elder of the two guys who seems to be Greysons employees.
With her arm around my neck, I hook my arm around her waist acting as her crutch, and we step towards the door.
Greyson points his finger at Manuel indignantly. “You haven’t heard the last of me Manuel, I WILL have that fortune.”
“We’ll see Greyson, We’ll see.” Manuel laughs. That laugh makes me want to hate his guts more…
“If you dare follow us out there and cause a scene, I will shoot you all.” Manuel says and he ushers us out the door.
“Guys, I can’t thank you enough for getting me out of there, those dudes were brutes.” Julia says as we limp towards the car.
Before I could speak Manuel butts in.
“Of course Julia! I wouldn’t let them hurt you anymore.” He kisses her cheek.
One step closer and I will have this guys head….
I help her to the car and Manuel opens the door, but instead of her sitting in the front with him I help her into the backseat with me.
Manuel smirks and walks around the vehicle to the driver side. “Off we go!”
I cannot wait to be away from this jerk.….


Seeing Alex and Manuel together was a huge surprise for me, but a happy surprise obviously, they were there to rescue me! Alex is in some kind of mood and I can tell he does NOT like Manuel, but I don’t feel like worrying about that, I feel really ick right now.
As if he can read my thoughts Alex asks. “How’re you feeling?”
“Tired, sore.” I had been with Greyson and his men close to 4 hours, they had thought that beating the truth out of me was the best route, well I told them the truth, I don’t know where the stupid journal is. But since they didn’t believe that was the truth either, they kept with the face slapping and body kicking. I can’t wait to get into bed.
We drive in silence for awhile before we arrive at the first place I was taken. “What are we doing here?” I ask.
“Getting my jeep, they left it here.” Alex says climbing out of the Mustang and helping me out.
“Oh, Alex I can take Julia home, no worries.” Manuel says.
“I can handle it.” Alex fumes, and tries the garage door, he reverts to kicking the lock, trying to get it to budge.
“Are you sure you can handle it?” Manuel asks, holding up a ring of keys. “Here, try these.”
Alex is so embarrassed, poor guy. He snatches the keys and tries them, in a few moments he has the garage door sailing upwards.
“Yeah, I can handle it.” Alex says taking my hand pulling me along with him. Owww my leg, my legggg
We hear Manuel’s laugh reverberate through the garage and Alex’s face is fiery red.
“Don’t worry about him Alex, let’s get home.” I say trying to ease his mind.
He shakes his head and helps me into his jeep, before coming around the other side and climbing in.
“I’m sorry for hating him so much, but I really don’t know what you see in that dude.” Alex says sighing and kneading his forehead.
“Nothing special.” I say.
“I said, I see nothing special about him.”
Alex looks confused but doesn’t say anything more as he pulls the jeep out of the parking lot and turns it towards home.
I pull out my phone and send a text to Manuel.

Me: I’m telling Alex everything.

My phone rings. Manuel. Ignore.
Then he texts me back.

Manuel: I don’t think that is wise.
Me: I can’t keep lying to my best friend.
And I won’t.

Madi ❤


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