Safe Reading

Though there are thousands upon thousands of books out there to read, it is very hard to find ‘safe’ reading material.

Growing up in a Christian home I try to stay clear of crass humor, sexual content, and vulgar language. And in this day and age that is very hard to do!
Do writers not realize how wonderful it feels to read a book that is clean? Without any cussing or swearing, and nothing that would make me want to close the book?

I strive to write ‘safe’ reading material. Stories that are safe for kids, teens, and adults with nothing shameful inside.

Just a thought,
Madi ❤


2 thoughts on “Safe Reading

  1. I agree to a certain extent. This post intrigues me because I’m struggling with this in my own writing, in some ways. I tend to write dark, difficult scenarios to show just how triumphant the human spirit can be. However, I hate having adult content in what I read. 50 Shades of Gray only made that worse. I refuse to include it in my own writing because I believe you can paint a picture that allows the reader to know what happens off screen, and they don’t have to read about the details. However, I also believe that writing is an art, and yes, that art can not only capture real life, but can and should push the boundaries. In that sense, maybe my decision to exclude such content is ill advised… I’m never sure what the right answer is. In fact, in my blog, I worry incessantly that it is too dark, too much and too vivid. On occasion, I use a foul word, but only certain characters and only when the situation warrants. So, I guess what I’m saying is I agree with you… sometimes. 🙂 (Actually, I do.)

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    • Hello Jennifer 🙂 I am glad that you agree with me (to an extent… 😉 ….)
      I don’t hang around with people who cuss or swear, so hearing/reading it causes me to feel very uncomfortable, and though I know not everyone feels that way (or else we would have much less of it) I try to avoid it completely in my writing. Also, other content I won’t add because I don’t want anyone to be uncomfortable while reading things I have written.
      Thank you so much for stopping by! 🙂
      Madi ❤


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