– Choices –

Being a teen is strange  thing, especially in this world today.
One moment we’re being told we don’t know what we’re talking about or what we’re doing, and the next we’re being told to make our own decisions.
The teen years are the time for us to grow, and blossom into the adults we were meant to be, making big choices that could alter our future for the good or the bad.
Being on the brink of 18 is even stranger. Due to the fact that I was born in late November, I started school later than most kids my age. (People with fall/winter birthdays can relate)
Therefore, I didn’t graduate with most 17 year-olds this year (Oh, how I wish I had)
Though I am just a few years away from the formidable adulthood….I still feel as though I were a mere child, helpless and small in such a large universe full of danger and possibilities.

The other day I put in my first ever application for a job, and also my second, to two local businesses.
Though I am excited for my possible new job, I’m nervous about being out in the world as a 17 year old girl, making decisions on my own for the first time.

Sometimes I feel capable of doing what adults can do, and other times I wish I could just stay in bed and have others make the choices for me.
But that’s not the life we have to lead, we need to get out there and make choices that will make a difference in this world. Choices that will make us better.

Praying that I get called in for an interview, and that the choices I make will help better who I am, and cause others to see Christ in me.

Let’s not disappoint our parents and grandparents.  Some people act as though our generation will fail, but we don’t have to, let’s prove we can handle life.
One choice at a time.

-Just a thought
Madi ❤


4 thoughts on “– Choices –

  1. The later teenage years are those where you begin to piece together that people expect you to act like an adult, but don’t treat you like one… and then there is when you’re in your early twenties. That is where you begin to digest some of your thoughts that you’ve been having for the last 5-7 years, and you begin to ask perplexing questions that seem to have no answer, and you find that you “didn’t really know anything” when you were “only 18” (like 2 years ago lol). Ultimately, the best thing that you can do is continue to search and ask questions, knowing that you haven’t fully come to understanding the universe and that you need to learn much more. Learn to ask better questions, and learn to love your life in the moment (you’re only 18 once, you know 🙂 ).
    Grace and peace in Christ. Blessings from Ohio!

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    • Yes! And Isn’t confusing though how little we know, yet we are supposed to make so many decisions at this time in our life? The later teen years are a great time to learn from our mistakes 😀
      I am lucky to have grown up in an environment that has enabled me to be mature in my thoughts and ways, but that doesn’t mean I don’t struggle when it comes to making serious decisions.

      Thanks so much for stopping by! 🙂
      God Bless,
      Madi ❤

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      • My wife and I decided not to go to college, which means no debt and smaller paycheks. But we wouldn’t trade it for anything. Don’t think there are only options of choosing what you want to do for the rest of your life. You can figure that out as you go. Figure out what kind of person you want to be, and then pursue whatever that means.


        • I myself plan on going to a Christian college in Florida. My cousin goes there so I think I will feel better about being away from home…especially since I’ve been homeschooled since 1st grade.
          I have so many plans for who I want to be, but I know God has a plan of who I’m going to be. 🙂
          For now I’m making one choice/step at a time towards who I’ll be as a person, and I know with God’s strength and wisdom I’ll finish this race of life.


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