Judicious Julia – {Chapter eight}


I don’t know what’s worse, seeing your best friend with a knife to her throat, blood all over her shirt, or, the fact that she’s begging for help from your worst enemy.
Like really Julia? You had to call for Manuel’s help and not mine?!
“Greyson?!” Manuel takes a step back in surprise.
“Hello again Manuel, came by to say hi?”
“No, that wasn’t my intention, but, hi.” Manuel replies with a slight wave of his hand.
What is the meaning of THIS?! Can’t a man sleep in peace?!” Adam pulls the covers over his head with an annoyed huff.
“Greyson, let her go.” Manuel demands as he pulls a gun from his pants pocket, aiming it at him. “Adam, get out of bed.”
Adam grunts.
“Not a chance young man, so unless you want this girl to die I would step aside and let me continue searching.”
It probably wasn’t the smartest thing to do….OK, it definitely wasn’t….but sometimes I act before I think.
I jumped over Adam’s bed and knocked Greyson away from Julia. He spun around and jabbed his knife into my abdomen.
Never have I  felt such excruciating pain in my life, and on top of that Julia shrieked so loud I was sure I would go deaf.
“Alex! Are you alright?!” Julia’s face was frantic and terrified. I could see a red slit on her throat, not big, but still.
“I’m…fine…and you?” I pointed to the blood on her shirt.
It looked like far too much blood to have come from that little cut.
She smiled, “When Greyson grabbed me I slammed the back of my head into his nose….”
Phew…so that wasn’t her blood…thank goodness…. “That’s my girl!” I laughed, the pain in my stomach intensified, the ceiling spun and Julia suddenly gained 3 identical sisters….or was it 4? I couldn’t tell. My body felt heavy and I sank into black nothingness.


“Uriah look at this!”
“Did you find the journal?!” Uriah asks knocking down a pile of books on his way over.
“Oh…no, but look at this magazine! It’s full of cute baby animal pictures!” I giggle.
“Addy, this is serious! You heard Julia, we have to hurry and find the journal. If Adam finds us we’re in big trouble.”
“Sorry, Riah…I’ll try to focus.”
After a few moments Uriah hurries back to my side.
“Addy! Look at…..”
But before he could finish there was a scream.
“JULIA!” We cried in unison, taking off towards the sound.
When we reached the room, we found Manuel wrestling with an old man, Julia sobbing over Alex, both of them covered in blood and Adam complaining about being woken up WAY before 10 A.M.
Uriah and I rushed to Julia’s side.
“What happened?!” I cried, and Uriah began inspecting Alex’s wound.
“Greyson stabbed him. I shouldn’t have let you come, this is my fault.” Julia said between tears.
“He’ll be alright Julie.” Uriah promises. He looks around the room then rips Adam’s sheet from the bed and tears off a strip, ignoring Adam’s outburst.
“Help me tie this around the wound….Addy, call 911.”


It all happened so fast. One minute I’m seconds from being killed. And the next my best friend lays in a pool of his own blood, dying. Because of me.
I helped Uriah wrap the wound and soon an ambulance siren could be heard from outside the window.
Manuel finally got Greyson tied up and threw him in a closet, Adam went to find a snack. Addy found Sarah sleeping on a sofa in the living room on her way to call 911, and I’ve just sat here, watching my best friend bleed to death.
“Miss, we’re going to take him now, alright? You come along with us too and we’ll take a look at that cut of yours OK?.” The medic says, taking my hand and leading me away, as if I were a baby, a small child.
Manuel and Addy talk to the police explaining all they can, without giving too many details. They turn in Greyson for attempted murder.
Uriah offers to come and keep me company, I tell him no, but the medic thinks he should, so we’re seated in the back of the ambulance, Alex is laid on a gurney and they begin to check his wound, commending us on our quick thinking to wrap it.
My hand doesn’t leave his the whole way to the hospital.

“Right this way, Miss.” a nurse with a clipboard says, I watch as Alex’s gurney is rushed to emergency surgery.
“No, I need to stay with him, he needs me.” I try to follow him but Uriah blocks me.Hospital
“No, Julia, I’ll stay with Alex, you go let them take a look at your neck.”
“I don’t care about my neck, Alex needs me!” I scream, trying to shove him aside.
Normally I would have been able to do that, no problem, but my body is tired, my legs and arms feel like jelly.
I’m a gnat to Uriah the giant.
“You’re right, he does need you, he needs you to take care of yourself, now go let the doctor check you, and I’ll stay with Alex.” Uriah gave me his sternest look and I knew it was no use to argue, I couldn’t fight him.
The nurse got me a wheelchair and rolled me off to be checked by the doctor.

“Your neck will be just fine, so long as you clean it every day and add this ointment.  After it’s healed I want you to put vitamin E oil which will minimize the scarring……” The doctor’s voice drones on. But I don’t hear him.
God, please protect Alex, please don’t let him die, please dear God. I keep praying in my head.
I’m wheeled back into the waiting room where Uriah sits waiting.
“How is he?” I ask. His face says it all.
Not good.
“He’s out of surgery but due to extreme loss of blood, he’s weak and they may have to turn to blood transfusions. Also, the knife pierced a primary organ which, if they can’t get it functioning properly again, will have to be replaced. But with his lack of blood, that wouldn’t be the best idea at the moment.”
Seeing my face fall, Uriah puts his arm around my shoulders and gives me a reassuring squeeze.
“Gods in control Julia, keep praying.”
He was right. I knew God was in control, I just couldn’t feel it. I couldn’t feel anything but regret and guilt.
Dear God, please send a miracle, please save my best friends life. I pray silently.
I don’t want his death to be caused by me. I couldn’t live with myself.

Sorry this is a few days late guys! My week-end was busy busy busy and I didn’t have much inspiration…..This wasn’t exactly the route I had expected to take…..But my characters never do as I think they will…and here we are.
Hope you enjoy!
Madi ❤


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