A Right is a Right….Right?

Americans are proud. Proud of their honor student, proud of their football and baseball teams, proud of their American made cars. But if there’s one thing that Americans are really, truly proud of, it’s their rights.
That’s why so many people long to live in America! They want the freedoms and rights that we enjoy.
But why is it that in America, the Free Country, we are losing our freedoms?
Freedoms our forefathers and ancestors fought for, so that our generation would be free.
It’s a shame, but sadly our nation is taking a dive, and I don’t know that it’s going to come back up for air.
Here is a list of some rights/freedoms that Americans have…

Freedom of religion is a big blessing! We have the right to worship God freely!
Though I fear with the way the government is heading, that won’t be for much longer.

Ahh…here we are. Freedom of speech. This here is a confusing one, though it really shouldn’t be…It’s speech that means to talk. Freedom to talk. It’s the right to voice your opinion no matter what it is, as long as it isn’t false information or accusation. But why is it today that when someone voices their opinion that is different than yours it is wrong? If you said, “I like water.” so I say, “Well, I like pop” is that wrong? NO! That’s my opinion! πŸ˜€ Now, I know that example is pretty silly, but that’s how silly it is when Americans say “You have the freedom of speech!” But when someone speaks up, or voices their opinion it’s a problem! Here’s an example that I see a lot.
Homosexuals are very vocal with their opinions, and the acceptance of them is spreading like wildfire.
I am 100% against Homosexuality. That is my opinion. But if I were to say that, in front of, say, a gay person, or anyone who supports gays, I probably wouldn’t be treated very well….That is WRONG. If I have the freedom of speech, I should be able to say whatsoever I choose on a topic.
Even if you don’t agree with me, you have no place to judge me.
But you do have the right to have a different opinion.
Homosexuals say they’re being attacked by Christians….I am a Christian and I have never attacked a gay person, I have met many of them, mind you, and I have treated them the exact same way I would anyone else who needs the Lord. But I am 100% against the sin of homosexuality. Because that is exactly what it is, a sin.
So if you want the freedom to have an opinion, you have to let others have that freedom too. It’s America, that’s what we’re proud of. It’s a right….right?

Which is what I am using right now, is very similar to freedom of speech. Every person has the right to say/write their opinion on any subject unless it is falsely accusing someone. Which I am not. I am able to speak/write my opinion on any matter I choose. But even this is being challenged!
My church has a ministry called Highways and Hedges. On Saturdays we put tracts in door handles or pass them out to people on streets in the neighborhood. We get so many calls with people complaining about what we’re doing, we have people yell from their houses as we walk away that they don’t need a church, we have had people slam doors in our faces and had others tear up tracts in front of us. Of course they have their opinion, and we have ours, but that doesn’t mean they need to act that way. If someone doesn’t want the tract, they can throw it away, but I have the right to express my opinion in writing, just as they have the right to have a completely different opinion, I’m not forcing anything down anyone’s throat. We as Americans need to exercise our rights!

We can write to the Government and ask them to change certain laws or ways, and by asking them, they know how we feel, therefore they know what we want as a nation.

Dear President, I think it should be a law that there be a Taco Bell on every street corner.
OK…I guess that won’t help with the rising American obesity rates….but come on! Wouldn’t that be awesome?


I’m sorry….I couldn’t help it XD

The Second Amendment is that which gives us the right to own/bear weapons. I think this right is necessary to keep a safe nation. I know people say, “No! Take the guns away! There are too many killings! Too much violence!” But if you take the guns away, then who is going to stop the crazies when they open fire on a bunch of innocent kids at a school, or the crowds of people at a movie theater?! What are we gonna do?! Grin ’em to death? (Davy Crockett reference) Exactly! NO. Are you going to walk up to them and tell them to drop it? NOOOO. Civilians need the right to carry a weapon, that way we can protect ourselves from bad people.

“Sit….Drop it! Drop the gun!” Sorry….that’s not gonna happen.

Besides….Even if they changed the law, prohibiting Americans to own/bear a weapon, what makes you think that will end violence?

For real guys! XP

We need to stand up for our freedom Americans, quit hiding, we have the right to speak up.
Let’s make sure our rights stay our rights.

Well that’s just a little rant I’ve been wanting to get out….Come back soon for chapter nine of Judicious Julia!

Madi ❀


3 thoughts on “A Right is a Right….Right?

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    • Thanks so much Emily! ❀ I'm so glad that there are teens out there with views like mine! πŸ™‚ And I'm not even kidding I kinda freaked out when I saw that you followed my blog XD I love your blog bunches! ❀


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