A Doll With a Name

A week ago today, while running a yard sale, a small boy came to look at a table of porcelain dolls.
This 4 foot blond, with curious blue eyes seemed fascinated by them in an adorable way.
I asked. “Do you want a doll?”
“No!” He laughed, the space between his front teeth making him all the more adorable. “Dolls are for girls.”
After a moment he asks,
“What’s her name?”
I shrug, “She doesn’t have a name.”
“Oh, She does.” He affirmed.
I check for a tag on her ankle, and she did indeed have a name!
“Martha is her name.” I say.
“Martha.” He repeats.
Then he gasps, I look at his face which is full of horror.
“Where is her eye?!” He cringes.
I look at the doll, who is in fact, missing an eye.
“Oh my!” I mutter, placing the doll off to the side, no longer fit for selling, especially to this little guy.
He then points to the second doll, this one in a white box, with pink flowers.
“What’s her name?” Inquires the lad.
“She doesn’t have a name.” I reply.
“Oh, She does.” protests the boy.
I smile at his cuteness and gently pull the doll out of the box, checking her ankle for the tag.
“Her name is, Edith.” I explain.
“Edith.” I confirm.
I slip the doll back into her box and set it back on the table, but the lad is already pointing to the third box.
“What’s her name?”
I laugh, and open the box, the box that didn’t have a clear plastic viewing window. The window may have allowed us some small warning as to what we were both about to see.
I gently pull the doll out of the box and we both gasp at the sight.
He places his hands on his pale chubby cheeks. “Where is her FACE?!”
I’m overcome with laughter at his, and mine own reaction, and I try to shove the doll back into her box, but not before he peers into the box, searching for the missing pieces of her face.
“Jack! Where’s Jack?” Calls the boys father.
“He’s playing with dolls again.” His grandfather jokes.
“Jack, come on!” His Daddy calls.
Jack takes one last glance into the box, then at the doll, as if he feels sorry for her loss, then he races off, leaving me with a fit of giggles and a story to tell.

And that folks, is the story of a boy named Jack, and a Doll with a name.
Madi ❤


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