Guest post – Interview with Daisy from A Bookish Flower

I asked Daisy from A Bookish Flower if she would come over and do a guest post on my blog, we decided to do an interview, I came up with 10 questions for her and I’m super excited for you to read her answers!

A Bookish Flower

So without further ado….Drumroll please….Here’s Daisy!


Hey everyone! I’m Daisy and I blog over at A Bookish Flower. I’m so happy Madi invited me to guest post at her blog! Madi’s questions look like they’re going to be fun!! I’ll see you at the end of the interview! -Daisy

1. What inspired you to start blogging?
A specific book series that wasn’t very popular. The Mother Daughter Book Club series. I wanted to find girls who liked the exact same series as I did. I only read one or two other series and I thought I was a huge bookworm. *laughs* I was also a very lonely melon who didn’t have friends that liked the same books as I did. After that plan failed, I thought I would suddenly become some beauty guru and nail artist, and focused my blog on DIY’s, nail art. *laughs tastefully* LOL. No.

2. Do you listen to music while you read? If so, what type?
There’s always music on at my house. It’s loud music, but I can still concentrate on my reading. I don’t always put music on myself when I read, but when I do I really enjoy it. I set it on shuffle and do a little bit of shuffling myself, before reading.

Yeah, like that. and this is me at my best.

3. What’s your favorite book genre(s)?
YA Contemporary/Friendship/Romance and YA Dystopian! Dystopian fascinates me, and Contemporary is always a good pick me up.

4. Who’s your favorite author?
This is a very cynical question, making me choose a favorite author. BUT if I had to choose, in which case I do I’d choose, Morgan Matson, author of Second Chance Summer, Since You’ve Been Gone, and Amy & Rogers epic Detour. Although I didn’t like Amy & Rogers epic Detour, I LOVED the other two. Her writing style is really casual, realistic and witty. There are details that you notice in everyday life, her characters aren’t all perfect and stereotypical.
A close second is Evan Angler who wrote the SWIPE books.

5. Who’s your biggest role model?
Oh gosh, that’s a toughy. Firstly my mom and dad, they do so much for my sister and I, and they’ve taught me so so sooo many things, I don’t know where I’d start to tell you. Secondly, I’d say I really look up to Lorde. Her music is my all time favorite, I play at LEAST three songs of hers every day. Her music has a new sound, it’s poetic and her self confidence and style is amazing.

6. Biggest fangirl/bookworm pet peeve?
Bookworm pet peeve, bent/dogeared book pages.

And fangirl pet peeve, book with a small fandom.

7. Favorite book(s) of all time?
There’s just something about Since You’ve Been Gone, that I always loved. It has a fantastic focus on friendship with just the right amount of romance. It’s witty summery and daring, for a shy girl like Emily the main character.

8. What’s your favorite book series?
Well, my favorite series is the SWIPE series, but I’m going to give more of an interesting answer and tell you my other favorite. I love the Betsy Tacey books. They’re so sweet, innocent and a good look into the 1900’s.

9. Favorite place to read?
I love to read on my bed with my elbows propped up, and a snack by my side. 😉 I also like to read on the sectional couch in front of the window in my living room. There’s a nice lounge part where I can sit and let the couch engulf me, while I read and have a good view at the window at my quiet street. 🙂

10. What book would you recommend for anyone to read?
My favorite books aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, but I know a series I know girls of all ages would love. The Mother Daughter Book Club series. That series changed my life, and it’s a huge part of me now. They’re clean books about 4 very different girls navigating their way through middle school and high school with the help of books. 🙂 It’s funny, and focuses on friendship with the perfect amount of sweet high school romance.

Thanks for having me Madi! I loved your questions! Your blog is one of my favorites, I’ve added it to this page
on my blog!

Thanks again!


Wow! Awesome answers Daisy! I’m going to have to read Since You’ve Been Gone! I’ve heard so many good things about it! Thank you SO much for coming! And I can’t believe I’m on your Blogs-I-Love Page!!! Me right now:


Guys, please go check Daisy’s blog out, give her a follow! She’s awesome, funny and random!
Thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I did! 🙂

Madi ❤


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