Happy NaNoWriMo 2015!

Its that time of year again, that stressful, heart-wrenching, self-denying, emotional, unproductive 30 days we call National Novel Writing Month. We’re clearly psychos……

NaNoWriMos 2015

This is my 3rd year participating in the NaNoWriMo festivities!  The first year (2013) I was 15 and had only heard of NaNo in October. I was super excited! My fingers were just itching to start writing, I had an awesome plot idea (in my opinion) I had a challenge, and those who know me, know I love a challenge. November 1st came and I was on fire. I wrote like crazy, at least that’s what it felt like. I wrote pretty much every day for 30 days (took a few days off for b-days and thanksgiving) Just as it turned midnight on November 30th, I stilled my aching fingers and checked my word count. I had made it to 49,600 words….FOUR HUNDRED WORDS OFF from the 50,000 mark.

I was pretty frustrated…Don’t get me wrong, I was proud of what I did, but upset with myself that I didn’t meet the 50,000 mark. It reached midnight, the deadline. I sighed, shut down the computer and trudged upstairs to bed. Then cried myself to sleep. I mean come on! It had been a long month!  And after two years I still haven’t read that story completely and have done little to no editing. And it’s still not finished, I never could think of an ending. So it’s still a WIP 😀

Last year, my second time participating, I only made it a little past 10,000 words. I was extra busy around this time with a bunch of crochet orders, but I think part of me was still upset with myself for missing the mark back in 2013.

This year I have high hopes for completing my goal. My friend Mina and I are planning to work on a novel we’ve been wanting to collaborate on for awhile.  I had been debating on working on a new novel idea at first and then she says “Hey, why don’t we write our book?!” And I’m like “K!” but I still feel a burning desire to write my own novel….characters and plot ideas keep jumping out at me….so I may have double the load thrust upon me….. 😀

This being my 3rd year participating, I’ve learned some tricks for completing goals. And here are some that come to mind:

1. Word count incentives.
Set a word count goal. By day, hour, or minute, intervals. Give yourself a “prize” whenever you achieve that goal! So if I say “I want to write 5,000 words today” And I reach that goal, then I get a reward, maybe it’s I get to watch an episode of my favorite TV show, or get extra helpings of dessert! 😛 I’m planning on doing a smaller goal, say 1 dark chocolate Hershey kiss for every 1,000 words I write. (OK…maybe that’s a bit much….I’ll work out the kinks :D) But having an incentive really helps to motivate you to keep writing! I would set a daily word count goal no matter what.

I would set in your mind a certain number that you HAVE to reach for that day, and if you write more than that, then so be it! If you write 1,667 words a day, every day of November you’ll have 50,010 by the deadline! 🙂

2. Have a writing buddy!
Mina and I were writing buddies last year and we will be again this year. It was really helpful for me! We would give word prompts, (words we had to use in the story somewhere) set timers for 20 minutes, and see who could write the most words. Not only was it good to set challenges, but we also shared and critiqued each others writing and plots. It really helped me in developing characters and my plot as a whole!

Add me to your NaNo Buddy list on the NaNoWriMo site!! 🙂 @onenerdyowl

3. Have a good writing playlist.
Listening to music while I write is a must for me. I do my best writing when I’m listening to my favorite playlists. My favorite writing playlist/artists are Philip Wesley, Helen Jane Long, Brian Crain, Yiruma, Ludovico Einaudi, Blackmill, and Hugar. (You can find playlists of their music on YouTube) I also like to listen to movie soundtracks when writing. Some of the songs on Captain America, Marvel Avengers, Enders Game, and Epic soundtracks are awesome for writing intense, or fighting scenes.

4. Just Keep Writing
I know that seems obvious, you’re writing a novel for goodness’ sake! But sometimes while writing you can become discouraged with the way your writing isn’t flowing correctly. Or maybe your story is going in a completely different direction than you had originally planned and your down in the dumps. Don’t give up! Just keep writing! Because there is a novel inside of you, just waiting to get out. Besides, you’re just writing your first draft, it doesn’t have to be perfect! I know that’s hard to grasp…trust me, I’m a HUGE perfectionist. But we need to remember that we can always fix and edit later. Maybe it should be called National Draft Writing Month….but that doesn’t have the ring to it that NaNoWriMo does 😉 Just don’t be so upset when your writing isn’t all you think it should be. (I’m just trying to remind myself….. 😀 )

Here are some really inspiring and motivational quotes: Motivational-Writing-Posters

Hope this was a help to you! 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!

Are you ready to jump on this crazy NaNoWriMo bandwagon with the rest of us?! Be prepared, cuz “We’re all mad here” ;D

Good Luck Writers!
Madi ❤

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    • haha I know right?!? They’re equally scary XD but I think one is a bit more fun 😉 Glad you liked them! 🙂 Thanks for stopping by Audrey! ❤


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