Interview with Suzy from Craft’N’Craziness

Hello lovely! Today we have a special guest post! Suzy advertised the need for some guest posts over on her blog, so I decided to ask her if she would like to do a swap! And here’s Suzy!




Tell us a little bit about yourself, who are you?
My name is Suzy, and I blog over at Craftz’n’Craziness

I’m a sport-lover, craftaholic, Oreo-gobbler, fangirl, and extreme bookworm. If you even think about taking books away from my life, I will seriously hunt you down and kill you. Just kidding! πŸ˜› But seriously.

*waves* Welcome Suzy! Haha! Books are amazing! πŸ™‚

What inspired you to start a blog?
I have actually been wanting to blog for many years now. My family had this rule where you couldn’t make a blog until you were a specific age, which I still had a few years to go. But then my mom started a blog of her own, and I just wanted one SOOOOO badly. It was the beginning of summer, so I was bored practically everyday (we don’t usually do much in summer since we’re homeschooled anyway πŸ˜₯ ). Since I was always wandering around the house having no clue what to do, my mom talked with my dad and they said I could start a blog. My mom helped me set it up on WordPress, and then CnC was created! πŸ˜€

That’s awesome Suzy! Blogging is so much fun! πŸ™‚

What’s the story behind your blog name?
Weeelll, I’m a craftaholic. I love to craft. My life is also completely full of craziness. My family is sooooo crazy. At first I was leaning on the lines of “All Things Crafts and Craziness”, like “All Things Bright and Beautiful”. I had just read the books (You can find my mention of them here), and really liked the books’ names. My mom said it was too wordy (quite true), so we tried shortening it too Crafts and Craziness. Then Crafts’n’Craziness. THEN we changed it too Craftz’n’Craziness because the ‘z’ in crafts looked better with the ‘z’ in craziness. πŸ˜‰

I like it with the ‘z’ too πŸ™‚ And your blog name totally fits with your writing genre! πŸ™‚

How long have you been blogging for?
Around eleven months, but I haven’t started seriously blogging and seriously interacting with other bloggers until the beginning of October this year.

Keep up the good work! Its hard to keep up a blog! πŸ™‚

What’s your blogging story?
Not very interesting to tell you the truth. I started late February, but I was posting inconsistently and wasn’t allowed to interact with other bloggers. Plus, I had a really bad theme, which made my blog look really stupid and sloppy. But recently, I started to step it up a bit. I found a better theme for my blog, and asked my parents if I could start interacting with other bloggers. They said yes, so I started advertising, interacting, and joining activities. It has made a huge impact. I’m so happy to have gotten this far, and I thank all my amazing readers. ❀

Interacting with other bloggers has made a huge impact on my blog as well! Commenting and responding to comments makes the blogging world go round! πŸ™‚

What’s your favorite post on your blog so far?
I think my favorite posts would be the 20 Things You Might Not Know About Me Tag

post and My Favorite Books

post. Because BOOKS.

Tags are the best!! They’re so much fun! πŸ˜€

Who’s your favorite blogger?
I don’t have a definite favorite, but I lately have been really liking Noor,

Madi (DUH. Everyone loves Madi!), Rukiya, and Olivia

Awww! Thanks so much Suzy! x) ❀

What are some of your favorite hobbies?
Playing softball/other sports, crafting, and writing.

I agree on the crafting and writing aspect….never really got involved in sports πŸ˜›

What’s your favorite thing to do?
Playing softball, reading, crafting, reading, playing video games, reading, baking, reading, crocheting, reading, writing, and did I forget to mention reading?

Haha, I wonder if you like reading… πŸ˜‰

If you could have one food to eat for the rest of your life, what would it be?
OREOS. That and pumpkin pie. *mouth waters*

YUM! Oreos are amazing!!! And pumpkin pie….and pumpkins….and pie…

Doughnuts or Ice Cream? Which type?
OOOooooooohhh! WHY did I choose to have this question in the interview when I would have to answer it myself?? ERGH. Ummm, well, I really think it would be both. I love doughnuts just as much as ice cream! But my favorite doughnuts are chocolate frosting with sprinkles, and my favorite ice cream is GREEN mint chocolate chip. (It HAS to be green. White ruins the flavor 😈 )

I agree! Both! x)

Thanks a lot Madi for letting me swap guest posts with you! πŸ˜€ I had a lot of fun trying to answer the very questions I had come up with. XD

(If any of you want, you can see the interview Madi did on my blog here)

~ Suzy

Thanks for coming Suzy!! It was a lot of fun swapping posts! We definitely have to do this again sometime! πŸ™‚

Which do you prefer? Doughnuts or Ice Cream?….I have to say both….I can’t choose between them!

Madi ❀


3 thoughts on “Interview with Suzy from Craft’N’Craziness

  1. Thanks for putting this up Madi! I totally realized that I never put the link for the All Things Beight and Beautiful books! Hehe…..oops. *facepalm* I’m on my phone right now but I’ll put a link up soon. Sorry ’bout that everyone! XD
    ~ Suzy

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