Survey Results + GIVEAWAY!

Hi guys! So this is going to be a busy busy post, but bear with me! I’ll try not to ramble too much…..

In the beginning (God created….oh) of January…I posted a survey that I wanted my followers to take! And the results are here!

Reading your responses and seeing what you guys liked and disliked about my blog has really helped me see what I should change & post more often! Here are the results!


Click HERE to view the results!

And here are direct answers I got from you guys!…..

What about The Book Owl would you change?

“Probably more frequent posts” Noted! I must post more often!

“Post more often girl!” I will!

“Please post more of your writings if you can. :)” I’ll have to work on this! =)

“Nothing really. I love everything!” Aww Thanks! ā¤

“Nothing really because it is all AMAZING!” No You’re AMAZING!


“I’m sorry, but I REALLY like your old look. I know that you want to have something different, but the other look for your blog was just SO CUTE.” I’m torn on this one…There are aspects of both my new and old themes that I love….and I have had so many complements on my new theme….perhaps I’ll redo my whole blog format, theme, everything?…

“I wish you would post more often” Me too!

“I really don’t know!” Me either!

“I just found your blog a month ago so I’m not really sure, but maybe start some sort of blogging schedule? you may already have one sorry” Welcome aboard the crazy train! Haha, but yeah I really need to come up with a blog posting schedule! Thank you!

“I can’t think of anything I would really want changed.” That’s ok =)

“Hmmmm, I am trying to think, I would tell you if I thought of something, but I can’t! I guess that’s a good thing. xD”
Haha that’s ok! x) Thanks for taking the survey!

“Bah Humbug! There is absolutely nothing wrong with The Book Owl . It’s gorgeous” Aww thank you! You, fabulous human have made me smile x)

“…..don’t tell me what to do…..” Well then…..

Is There Something You Don’t See On The Book Owl, That You Would Like To See?

But…But…MY WHOLE BLOG IS PINK!! lol (Yeah I never thought I was a pink person either…but the last year I’ve become strangely attracted to it….And my Mom says Pink has been my color since I was baby O.o) Perhaps I can update my blog again soon?

“More book reviews, definitely. I love your recommendations!” Alrighty! I hope to read many more books this year, therefore I shall try my utmost to get more reviews up as well! =) And I’m so glad you like my recommendations! ā¤

“Idk, a button swap page?? There’s not really nganythi missing…” I agree! I actually looked the other day to see if I had one because I just felt like I should…I’ll work on that! =)

“Nope!” Okay! =)

“Maybe, tips. Your blog is amazing and tips would help to help us make our blog more perfect!” Aww thank you for that sweet compliment! Maybe I could do some posts with blogging tips! (Though my blog is far from stellar!)

“More writing please! :)” Okie Dokie! =)

“umm…. probably just a more variety of posts” I’ll work on that! Thanks ā¤

“No, I like how it is now.” Thank you ever so much! =)

“Ooh blog posts with “If you liked this book/genre/author, here are some more like that…” Ahh I’ll definitely have to try that! =)

“I say more posts! Keep’em coming! :)” Yay! More posts! I really need to work on this! XD

“Maybe like a big collection of GIFs…. “ YES! XD A collection of all my reaction gifs! HAHA

“Ooooh oooooh, maybe a post with a favorite quotes from recent books you’ve read?” Ahhh! I LOVE this idea!! I will definitely start doing this! =) Thanks!

“No idea…” OK….

What Is Your Most Favorite Thing About The Book Owl?

“You! and your reviews are always fun” Aww Thank you!! They are fun aren’t they?!

“You! There’s really no one reason I read your blog, I just love your personality and we have a lot in common! (Including books, of course, but that’s a given.)” That’s so sweet! Thank you! x)

“The Gifs!! xD” Haha Same! XD

“Tags and your writing! Soo good!” Thank you! Yes Tags are so much fun!!

“Tags! And book reviews!” Those are probably my fave posts too!

“I love the gifs! They make my day! They help so much with your emotion towards something” I’m so glad to hear that! Gifs make my day too! XD Honestly I’ll laugh at one gif for like weeks….

“Your writing and how you interact with other people” Thank you! I love interacting with my lovely followers!!

“You! you are so great and always seem so on top of things blogging wise. you always reply to comments and emails ASAP which I love.” Aww Thank youuu! I do?!? *gasps in amazement* I do NOT feel on top of things blogging-wise (or anything-wise) but that is so kind of you to say!

“The happy mood of the posts, and I love seeing the funny gifs, and your writing is really good.” Yay! I’m so happy my posts feel happy! Haha! Yes the funny gifs!!! And thank you! I really appreciate that! x)

“Your blog theme and format is outstanding. It is perfect and I love it so much!” Thank you so much!! =) (Guys I’m really torn what to change and what not to change when it comes to my blog theme and format….XD)

“I love reading your posts and commenting. Also, love the cute themes! <3” Thank you! And I love getting your comments too!!

“GIFs!!!!!!!!!!” YES!!!!!!!!!! (Totes agree with you)

“I am in love love with Wordy Wednesdays. It’s super duper original and I love getting 10 new words to try out for that week. šŸ™‚ Thanks!” I’m so glad you love love Wordy Wednesday!! Haha! I thought it was pretty cool too! I’ll have to pick that back up again!

“she’s my sistah” Yeah….She’s my sister

What Is Your Favorite Post Of All Time On The Book Owl?

“probably your review of Cinder or one of your other reviews.” =)

“Whenever you do a tag.” I love tags too!

“Uuhhh….Judicious Julia? (Wait that’s nine different posts) Aagghhh I don’t know there’s so many to choose from!!” Haha I’m glad you like Judicious Julia! I seriously need to finish and edit that whole thing….(Its really just a rough first draft that I cleaned up to post….lol)

“Umm. I really don’t know. There are so many posts to choose!” That’s ok! =)

“Um.. I can’t decide! All of them are amazing!” Thank you! =)

“I’m not really sure, I haven’t been reading for a while … Maybe 20 things you didn’t know about me.” That’s alright! I really liked that post too! And I think that post has the most views actually! =)

“Uhhhhhhh… Judicious Julia Chapter 9?? That’s the only one I can think of at the moment… Sorry, that probably doesn’t help much. :/” That’s ok =) But that’s the last chapter I ever finished writing….I seriously need to finish that…

“Probably your review of Cinder” Yeah that one was pretty good =D

“I’m not sure…… I really liked the one about Hope- a Glimmer of Hope” I really like that one too!!!

“I couldn’t choose just one! I do love reading your tags though. You always have the best gifs. :)” Thank you! That is a HUGE compliment! I love my gifs x)

“I haven’t been reading your blog for long, but I liked the 20 things you might not know about me tag!” I liked that one too! =)

“My Childhood Writings. It’s so nice to know I wasn’t the only exclamation happy 10 year old out there šŸ™‚ You aren’t alone” HAHA GOOD! I’m so glad XD It is both humorous and depressing when I read my old writings…to think I thought I was good! XD

“Tags” Tags are great!

Final Words?

“Hi! You’re a great, lovely person so just stay true to yourself and your morals! You rock!” Aww Thank you! You just made my day! ā¤

“Hey Owly! We need to talk more often this year. šŸ™‚ (-Emily)” YES WE DO!!

“Hello Owly ;)” Hello! =)


“NOPE!! Maybe a few more book reviews. It is so hard to find a book that is appropriate for me… Especially since I am a Christian, and there is so many bad stuff in the world….” I’ll definitely try to get WAY more book reviews up this year! And I know right?! There are so many bad/inappropriate books out there…I’m super picky about what I read!

“Would you like to swap guest posts? I know we just swapped interviews, but it would be cool if we just did regular posts. I’m just asking though, if you don’t have time that is COMPETELY fine. šŸ™‚ Thanks for making the survey! ~ Suzy” Hi Suzy! I would love to! Email me with your ideas! ā¤

“:)” =)

“Hi!” Hi! *waves*

“Keep writing! You’re doing great! :)” Thank you so much!! I must keep writing!

“Final words, that sounds bad! šŸ˜‰ Just kidding! Uhhhh….. I know! Bye.” Haha(I know right?!) Bye!

“Thanks for being wonderful, you’re the best <3” Aww thank you!! x)

“…a buh-bye!” See ya!

Thanks for all of you who took my survey! Ya’ll are the best and make blogging worthwhile! ā¤

You're Awesome Dean gif


I couldn’t give you guys a post without any gifs, now could I?!;)

And there you have it for the survey results! Now onto the GIVEAWAY!!

I wasn’t sure what to do for the giveaway, but I wanted it to be special! So I asked my friend Emily for some blogger advice, and she thought it would be cool if I did something owl related! (If you haven’t noticed I am obsessed with all things owl!) So I found an ADORABLE owl journal, it had a soft (fake)leather cover with an owl etched on it. I was totally jealous, but they only had one…. On the way home I took off all the stickers…Got home, and there was writing all in the first two pages -_-
Sooo my Mom went shopping, looking for another one like the one I had bought, but instead found an even cuter one!! Now I’m even more jealous guyss!! XD OK so here’s what you can win!

This Love Owl Canvas Journal is beyond cute! And it has these adorable flowers on the pages!

The winner will get the Journal, a $10 Barnes and Noble gift card + A custom crochet hat! I have several different styles that I can make so you will get to choose one and pick the colors!


Click HERE to enter the giveaway! And that’s it! =D

ALSO: I’ll announce the winner the first week of March!! =)



I’m super duper excited about this guys!! May the odds be ever in your favor! In other words….GOOD LUCK!

Madi ā¤


15 thoughts on “Survey Results + GIVEAWAY!

  1. An owl notebook! How adorable, I love it! I want it sooooo muuuuch. šŸ˜€ Haha, but seriously, I would be the SAME way. I have zero self-control when it comes to notebooks, HA!
    I reeeaaalllly want to win this, OMG. I have absolutely no idea what I’d get with the B&N gift card. The Siren? Passenger? (Ugh but they’re both only in hardback.) Cinderella’s Dress? SO many I want to read. Anyway, thanks for the giveaway! Also your crochet hats are adorable, if I don’t win I need to order one! I’ll stop rambling now….

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes I have a serious notebook obsession XD I collect them but then I have to FORCE myself to use them….Thanks for stopping and Good luck!! =)


  2. Yeah, your mom picked good. That journal is SO cute!
    Oooooo a B&N giftcard?? I’m excited about that! Bookkksss x)
    Hey, you crochet? That’s awesome, ’cause I do to. We can be crochet buddies! šŸ˜€
    Good luck everybody! šŸ™‚
    ~ Suzy

    Liked by 1 person

    • I know right?! Its adorable! Yes! I thought I should do something book related too! =) Yeah I’ve been crocheting since I was 8 I think =) Its fun to create things. Good luck to you too! =)

      Liked by 1 person

  3. OH, JOURNALS!!!! ā¤ ā¤ ā¤ ā¤ Seriously, I have an issue with my journal obsession ā¤ And BOOKS! I think if I won the giftcard, I would buy a book that I've already read but just LOVE and don't own! Maybe… The Heart Meander by Andy Andrews!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Same here girl! I could be drowning in Journals and still want more! I’ve never heard of that book! I’ll have to check it out….Good luck to you! ā¤ =)


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