QOTW – (sorry)

Soooo….As I said I probably would last week…..I forgot to post the quote of the week…..

I can explain! My Uncle got married Saturday…..so after being at a wedding and reception all day….and going to bed late, only to lose an hour of sleep (daylight savings time) and go to church early in the morning….Yeah I forgot to post! I came home from church and took a nice long nap….and then went to church again! Came home, watched WCTH and then went to bed! =D

OK….enough with the excuses….here’s your (late) QOTW….


“It is wiser to find out than suppose” – Mark Twain


SOOO many people (including myself) need to take this quote to heart. Far too many people suppose things instead of finding out the truth and it causes hurt feelings, and lost friendships.

Sorry again for it being late….Hopefully I remember next week =D

Madi ❤


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