{ Blue Bubbles }

Hey guys! So I’m trying to keep the posting more frequent so I’d thought I’d share some of my recent writing with you! =)

I recently asked one of my favorite writer bloggers to be my writing mentor! And she agreed! =D For the first week she had me analyze some poems and write a descriptive piece.  I described a picture I found somewhere online and then she would tell me if she pictured/envisioned that when reading it! =) Here is the piece I wrote…..Enjoy!

I work at the local laundromat, Blue Bubbles. We get a lot of different people through here on a daily basis. We get the families of 7 who’s washer stopped working. Or the business man in need of a clean dress shirt before his next meeting. We even get those who are new to town, and haven’t gotten their appliances yet. But today was the first time I ever saw someone who could fly.
I was stocking up the laundry detergent shelves when the bell on the door jangled. Out of the corner of my eye I saw a flash of red hair. Not red like orange.
Red like…well…If this girl was a fictional character, she would be Strawberry Shortcake. I nodded and told her that if she needed help to let me know. She took one look at the blue and white floor tile, blue walls, and my coordinating apron, and rolled her eyes.
After 10 minutes, she finally figured out how to start her load and then she paced the floor for a half hour. Her high heels click-click clucking continuously.
I withstood another twenty minutes of her shoes’ annoying banter, waiting for the dryer. Finally it buzzed to its end. With a squeal of unnecessary excitement she rushed to her laundry. After all 3 years of my working here, she was the first one and surely the last, to be that excited about laundry. As she jerked opened the dryer door, a sound like warping sheet metal met my ears.
Then, suddenly, a loud wind burst from opening. It was unusual, at least for me, but her face seemed nothing short of annoyed. She latched her fingers around the circular opening, trying to hold her ground. Vibrant colored clothing burst from the opening. Her hair and matching skirt billowed out behind her. She tried holding her ground, but she was swept off of her feet and floated horizontally in mid-air. And that was the day everything changed.

And here is the picture I was describing…..



Does it fit?!  =D

She gave me a few critiques… (Should have mentioned her skirt a bit sooner, and maybe described the color of the clothes flying from the dryer) But instead of working through that right now I thought I’d just share as is =D


Hope you enjoyed this post! Its been awhile since I’ve shared my actual writing =P

Let me know what you thought of it! =)

Madi ❤


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