CURRENTLY // I’m not dead!

GUYYYYS. I’m back and I promise I’m not dead!

Its been soooo long since I last posted and I apologize! I’ve been pretty busy with working and once I get off work its kind of hard for me to be creative when it comes to writing an interesting blog post…. So I’m attempting to write one now! (Before work) =D

Currently I’ve been:

Listening to:

I’ve been mixing up my Pandora playlists recently and have been mostly listening to my thumbprint station or my Philip Wesley station.



A Hannibal biography from my uncle, Ain’t we got fun, and Resist….



Well at the moment a piece of chocolate cake…but lately (every Tuesday) I’ve been eating the JJBLT from Jimmy Johns…I’m a bit obsessed =D



Working on a short story writing assignment and plotting a novel with my pen pal =)


Looking forward to:

Starting rehearsals for Beauty and the Beast this Thursday and seeing my theatre fam! =)

Let me know in the comments what you’ve been up to lately! Miss you all! =)

Well that’s all for now….Hope you all had a wonderful May!

Madi ❤


9 thoughts on “CURRENTLY // I’m not dead!

  1. MADI I’VE MISSED YOU! Resist was so good, and I really want to read Ain’t We Got Fun. This summer has felt really weird because my family and I are moving and things are crazy at our house. I’ve also been falling more and more behind my reading goal, and that’s frustrating. I hope you can blog more! 🙂

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    • I’ve missed you too! I’m not that far into Resist but I’m a bit farther into Ain’t We Got Fun. So far its pretty good! Aww, well, hopefully you guys get moved into your new house quickly so you can devour more books! I hope I can too! Thanks for stopping by! ❤


    I missed you!
    Ah yes, you can’t go wrong with a JJBLT. You just can’t. 😉
    Wait, what? You’re in a BATB play?? That’s awesome!
    Hope you can post more, and can’t wait to read what you write! ❤
    ~ Suzy
    Also, don't feel too bad. I just got off a humongous break myself soo….

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    • Missed you too Suzy! I know right?! I keep getting the BLT and my co-workers are like, try something new! And I’m like…But its uh-mazing….XD YES! Last night was our first rehearsal and was actually really productive! we had an hour long meeting and then a 5 min break. Then we sang all night. We’ve already went through three songs and got most of the harmony worked through =) Hope I can post more too! Once I get my short story finished I’ll have my mentor read it and see what she thinks, then I’ll post it for you guys to read! =) Talk to you soon! ❤

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  3. So good to see you!! 🙂
    Oh, I LOVE Philip Wesley, he’s SO good! ❤ ❤
    That is so cool that you're in BatB! 🙂
    Don't sweat the blogging to much. I'm taking a break too, since I'm competing in Junowrimo. ❤
    Nice to see you again! ^_^

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    • YES! He’s my favorite! =) And I was so excited to do this play! There are about 400 people in it =O You should have see the auditorium last night. There were so many people! Good luck with Junowrimo! Wish I had the time to participate =/ Nice seeing you too! ❤

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    • Misty! Hopefully my absence doesn’t continue XD I need to make myself sit down and write! Haha! Jimmy Johns is pretty awesome! I just need to limit my sandwich intake XD Thanks for stopping by! Missed you! ❤

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