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Hey guys! Madi here. I know right?! I’m actually posting something….My lack of posting has really been bugging me, but my life has been so hectic lately that whenever I would sit down to write I would suffer from extreme writers block and then find something else to do. Check my email, (that has been way too disorganized for my OCD self) or practice my beauty and the beast tracks, or get sidetracked by clash of clans or Pinterest. Yeah excuses, excuses.
I hope that I will be able to post more regularly now. My Beauty and the Beast play is over….*cries* my last show was Saturday, and if you follow me on Instagram your feed is filling up with pics and videos from my experience. (mwhahahaha sorry, not sorry) I’m having severe PSD (Post Show Depression) and missing my friends even though we’ve been texting like crazy! But alas, I need to move on with my life and get back into the swing of things. So without further ado…..I present…


Thank you Abbey for tagging me! If you don’t know Abbey then you HAVE to check out her awesome blog! She’s a fantastic writer, wonderful organizer and the sweetest most creative pen pal I’ve ever had!


1.What is the best piece of writing advice you ever heard/read/received?
WRITE. Just write. Because if you don’t who will tell the stories in your head?! (I’m paraphrasing, but that’s the general idea) I’ve seen this so many times and it makes so much sense. But I still struggle with just WRITING.


2.If you could be mentored by one author, actor, blogger, etc., who would it be?
Jennifer A. Nielson. I LOVE HER and her writing! We have a bunch in common including our love of dark chocolate and our sense/style of humor.

3.Do you think that blogging has helped you grow as a writer?
Yes I think so. Not only has it helped me write more (when I’m not procrastinating)it has opened up so many doors to meet other writers and readers and bloggers who have helped with critiquing and supplying helpful comments and ideas.

4.Coffee or tea as a writing buddy?
Coffee! Though I love tea too. It just depends on my mood.

5.Can you share a piece of your writing with us?

Here’s a little something 🙂

I hadn’t seen Levi since the accident. I tried to visit him at the hospital, but he always refused to see anyone. We had talked on the phone, and he acted as though everything was alright, but I sensed it wasn’t. He was coming home today, well, home to our dance school. I waited excitedly for him to appear, but when he came through the door I gasped. A nurse was behind him, pushing him in a wheelchair. I ran to his side and we embraced. He was quaking, scared of what I’d say, what I’d think. He tried to explain, but I cut him off, telling him it was OK, that everything would be OK. He shook his head sadly, but I smiled. “You wanna dance?” I asked him. He looked at me with pain in his eyes, but I ignored it. I grabbed his hands, placing one on my waist and kept the other locked in my grip. We danced slow, it was awkward at first, his wheels kept getting in my way, but I made it work. I had to make this work. I allowed his familiar musky cologne to envelop my senses, as we took on the dance floor. My boots scuffling on the floor and his wheels squeaking in return. And when we had finished the dance, he smiled weakly at me. “Thanks for trying to make me feel normal.” I put my hand on his cheek, his beard coarse, and scratchy. “You aren’t normal, my love. You are extraordinary.” 

6.What is your favorite writing tool?
Probably I use this all the time!

7.What helps you fight off writer’s block?
Looking at dialogue/plot/picture prompts on Pinterest!

8.What is your favorite part of the writing process?
Creating characters and plots! Its so much fun making up stories.

9.Who do you trust to read and edit/critique your work?
I have my sister read and critique my stuff all the time (It annoys her) but I also have an online writing mentor and she reads and critiques my stuff too 🙂

10.Do you have a piece of advice that you wish you could have told your younger-writer-self?
That “your writing seems boring and predictable because, you wrote it, and you’ve read it like 8 million times.
A person who has never read it before does not have this problem”
Thanks again Abbey for tagging me to do this tag! It’s been far too long since I last posted and this was motivation for me!

Since I haven’t been around much, I’m not sure who all has done this tag, so if you haven’t done it and want to do it, I tag you!

You can use the same questions I was given! (#toolazytocomeupwithnewones)
Thanks for stopping by!


Madi ❤


9 thoughts on “The Wisteria Writer Tag

  1. Hey Madi! 🙂
    Great answers! And yes, looking at Pinterest is a great way to get inspired! ❤
    So nice to see you back! I don't have an instagram, so, how was your show? Super fun I imagine! 🙂 Beauty and the Beast is one of my favorites.
    This looks like a fun tag! I might give it a try! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Nice to be back! Haha. My show was great! It was a big productions and maybe I’ll share some pics in the future! (If you guys would like that) and same here! Belle is my favorite Disney princess because if I was one (a Disney princess) I would be her. we have so much in common! Thanks so much for stopping by dear! Its a pleasure as always =) ❤

      Liked by 1 person

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  3. Owly dude!!! I’m speechless I love that scene… It makes me want to pick up fiction again. I have really missed your posts girl. I hope you will be able to write more. 💗
    Ps. Your ig has nothing on it… Do you have a new account that isn’t linked to your blog???

    Liked by 1 person

    • Awww! So glad you liked it!! 💕 it’s one of my favorite pieces x) I miss posting! I’m working on a few posts now and hope to post more frequently! And my ig is nerdyowly….. I had hoped to start a bookish one but it hasn’t really works out yet lol

      Liked by 1 person

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