Hi again guys! Two posts so close together?! Is this real life?! I’m trying to be better!

I couldn’t think of a good post having to do with reading/writing at the moment. But I thought, its been awhile since I did a currently post, and since I’ve been away so much this summer I figured it was a pretty good time to do one!


Listening to:

At the moment Love’s Crush by Philip Wesley. I’ve been listening to him and Ludovico Einaudi. Both of their music is a perfect melancholy backdrop for the fall season. Also great for writing =)


An apple cinnamon rxbar. (yum) And my family has gone Paleo this month, and hope to continue it! If you don’t know what paleo is, its basically not eating any beans, grains, dairy, sugar. And though we are getting a lot of negative responses from people in our life about it right now, its really not that bad. Yeah I miss getting the sugary drinks from starbucks, and I really really want donuts….but we can still eat good/yummy things! I made an almond coconut cake with dark chocolate frosting and it was delicious! (we use honey and organic maple syrup as sweeteners) And its such an odd sensation to eat a piece of cake and think, this is actually good for me….. =)


I hadn’t been writing anything for awhile. And it was driving me crazy. (Yes, not writing drives a writer crazy) So I started outlining and planning some things for a novel I had thought of awhile back. Pretty excited with my progress, I might try to participate in Nano with it, but I don’t have my hopes up to win. I’ve been working so much and a girls gotta sleep….lol

Looking forward to:

Receiving my Hannah Everly skirt in the mail!! I finally bought her burgundy one that I’m in love with!

That’s all for now. But hey, do you guys have any post ideas for me? Posts you’ve seen around and would like to see me do? Let me know in the comments!

Madi ❤

P.S. This is my 100th post! =O haha


7 thoughts on “\\Currently//

  1. Ooh, I understand about the Paleo diet thing. I believe my mom has tried it once. And a few years back my family went completely gluten-free and it felt so refreshing and energizing! I really enjoy trying new diets like that. To this day I discovered that gluten-free chicken nuggets are way better than the regular ones so I still eat gluten-free ones! XD

    AHHHHH I want the burgundy Hannah Everly so badly. I’m thinking about ordering it in a few weeks. Hannah’s skirts are pretty much the only clothing items I splurge on, but they’re so well-worth it, haha!

    And beginning new stories is so exciting! I’ve just started a new WIP/novel (too soon to call it that? lol) and I’m plotting and outlining and writing and generally just freaking out. (what else do we writers do?) Great post, Madi! 🙂


    • I’ve never heard of gluten free nuggets!? Haha and I myself have a gluten and dairy intolerance, so it’s pretty much something I needed to do anyway. And so far it feels really good! Isn’t it adorable?! It’s one of my many favorites. And it’s an risky the first one I pinned and I’ve been wanted it so bad!! Ooh! It’s always so exciting to start a new novel! Good luck on your writing endeavors! (And I don’t even know if writers do anything else but freak out 😂) thanks dear! 💕


    • Yes I have! =D And my favorite of his is Nuvole Bianche *heart eyes* I LOVE it! Thanks for the luck wish! I don’t know now if I will, (I was just offered a second job) But we’ll see, and I’ll try to write anyway. Even if I don’t plan on completing a whole novel =) Hope you’re doing well! ❤

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  2. I am so glad that you are back! YAY! *flails hands* I am currently in love with anything by Florence + the Machine. Right now my favorite song by them is “Wish That You Were Here.” It is just so beautiful! Florence’s voice is just amazing and I fangirl every single time I listen to that song.

    I am going to participate in Nanowrimo for the first time ever. I am almost finished with my novel. Just one or two more chapters and it will be complete! After that, I just have to edit it a bit and make it from a sloppy work to a sparkling novel! Also, congrats on 100 posts! If you do Nanowrimo this year, I wish you the best of luck! c:

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    • Hi Maddie! So glad I finally posted something! That sounds awesome, I’ll have to check them out! =D

      Goodluck with Nano! I honestly don’t know if I’ll have the time since I just got offered a second job lol. So we’ll see. But I’ll try to get some good writing done anyway. Thanks for stopping by girly! ❤ 🙂

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