Budgeting Like A Boss – A How-To Guide + Gifs

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Today I wanted to address the issue of budgeting. You know that thing that every American tries to do but the majority fail to do? (I’m part of the majority…but trying to get out of it haha)

I thought saving would be way easier than it actually is. Before I got my job, whenever I had money it would take me forever to spend it. I would even forget that I had it! 😀 But now that I make money on a weekly basis, I spend money so/too quickly.

Though you might be young, and might not have a job…its good to know these things before. Its good to be prepared! So here are some things that I think will help you!



My aunt gave me this tip. Basically once you get paid you take 10% (I take 10% for tithe too) and that is the amount you can spend. So if I make $100.00 I can spend $10.00. It might seem a little drastic. But if you just set your mind to it, it will become easier. And that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pay your bills! (Or whatever you’re required to pay monthly) Phone bill, car payment, ect.  Once you’ve paid those things,  put the rest away into your savings account without another look at it.

If you don’t have a lot to save after your bills or monthly payments, you might want to look at expenses you can maybe lower or change. For example, a major expense for many people is student loans. But companies like Earnest let you re-evaluate that required payment so it doesn’t have to take over so much of your budget. By having the ability to refinance these loans, you can lower your rate and adjust your monthly cost to fit your life. By lowering that student by $50/month, you’re adding $600 more to your savings each year.


Lets face it. They put all of those deliciously overpriced candies and toys in the checkout lane just to feed the impulse buyer. RESIST! Even though you feel like you need it. Think, “Do I REALLY need this?” Most of the time your answer will be no.



When you have money in the bank sometimes it’s hard not to spend it. (trust me, I know)So every now and then its alright to spoil yourself. Maybe once a month you will go and get your nails done. Or once a month you will buy a new t-shirt. Maybe even one candy bar each week. Something small (or big depending on what you want to spend) that you can splurge on to reward yourself for saving.


If you haven’t shopped in awhile…buying something feels like ^^ XD


This is something my parents have encouraged me to do. But lazy old me hasn’t done it. I really think this is a great tip though, and I personally need to start doing this. Whenever you spend any money (even on a pack of gum) write it down. Get a small notebook to keep all your transactions so you can keep track of how much money you put out. I think it would open the eyes of many (including myself) if we saw how much money we wasted. Try it! You might just be as shocked as I am =D



Why are you saving money? What are you hoping to buy/pay for. These are all good things to know when you are saving. Pick a goal so that when you’re saving you aren’t saving aimlessly. There’s nothing wrong with that, it just makes it harder to save when you don’t have an end goal. My goal is to get a car. So all the money I set aside I can say “This is for my car”. Maybe you want to save for a car, for school or for a trip to an amusement park! Your goal could even be a dollar amount. Tell yourself you want to save $50 a month, or something like that!

Well that’s all I have for today. I hope you found some useful information!
Have a wonderful week guys!


Madi ❤


6 thoughts on “Budgeting Like A Boss – A How-To Guide + Gifs

  1. Writing everything down totally helps me! Last year me husband and I lived in only 50% of our income and the rest of it went to paying off our debt. It was tough but we succeeded!


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