The Glimmer of Hope

Hello Loves! I was tagged by Maddie, over at IHeartGlitterBlog and I just HAD to participate…..so lalala I start writing my short story….and BOOM a novel idea was born. So now this is only a snippet of the story and I can’t share everything or else someone might STEAL my story idea….OK I’m sure no one would do that….but MAYBE. 😉 So here we go!


It was 9:32 P.M. cool, not cold, breezy and a bit damp. I had just left my local cafe, a warm cup of coffee and a blueberry muffin,  fresh in my stomach, I pulled my sweater’s sleeves down over my hands and walked briskly towards home. When I turned down a side-street I heard something behind me, I whirled around, just as a sack was pulled over my head. I don’t remember blacking out, but I remember waking up. The sack was gone, I was gagged and my arms were bound behind me.

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My Childhood Writings

While going through a bin recently, that I hadn’t gone through since we moved here, (2 years ago) and even then I didn’t really dig deep, I found some of my old writings. Writings from when I was 9 to 12 years old, and perhaps a little older.
None of them are finished, and some of what was there sounds so silly to me….XD I was laughing at my younger-self.  Sooo…I’d thought I’d share with you some of these pieces. So here is a sampling of one of the bits I wrote….

I copied this exactly as I had written it back in 2009 when I was 10 or 11 😀 I don’t remember where this story was supposed to be going…And I ended it at a very odd place. But here is it… 😀

Oh great! thought Grace Andrews as she rode her bike up the driveway of her two story brick house, there was a shiny red car on the long driveway, and it belonged to Bella Lee, Steward, she was a snooty girl from a few doors down, she was a bother, and she was spoiled, but Grace did her best to be kind to her because her father had died last year, and she had taken it pretty hard, “guess I cant blame her” Grace had thought.
So ever since then Grace had been considerably nice to Bella, but she really did not want to see her today, first of all, was, Bella never ever had anything wrong with her attire, and she would tell you if you had anything wrong with your hair or your dress, and Grace had been riding her bike at a very fast pace so she could change before dinner, but now she would have to stop and talk to Bella and to explain to her why her hair was falling out of her braid, and why she was out of breath, and why her dress was wrinkled, and all that kind of stuff, she was trying to think of a way she could get out of going in the house until Bella and her mom left, when she bumped into her older brother, Jason, “Whoa girl!” he said Grabbing her shoulders to steady her, “oh sorry,” she said blushing, “I guess I was not paying attention” “I guess not!” he said laughing again, “hey, you want to come with me to pick up Brad?” Jason asked, “Sure thing!” she exclaimed with the joy of not having to face Bella! “Want to ask Bella to come along?” Jason asked teasingly. “no thank you!” she replied hopping into the front seat of their blue pick up truck.
Jason started the truck and eased around the Stewarts car and out into the street towards Brian Lawson’s house where Brad had spent the night, “hey, can you drop me off her?” Grace asked, spotting the Icecream Parlor, and licking her lips, “I don’t have any money for you sis” her brother apologized. “That’s ok, I still have some of my allowance money left over! Please?” she asked again, “Well, ok, I guess, I just remembered that mom wanted me to stop by the grocery store and pick up some bread, so that will give Brad more time to hang out with Brian, and you more time with your icecream” he laughed as he pulled the truck to the curb in front of the well known icecream parlor.

I was laughing out loud at this….and I surely hope my writing has changed since then 😀
I guess I really liked to use commas and exclamation points….

Hope you enjoyed my bit of embarrassing work! 😀
And until next time!
Madi ❤



|Flash Fiction|

Saturday I and my sister attended a Flash fiction seminar at one of our local libraries! I had a great time! Everyone there wrote a small piece of fiction and some of us read it aloud for everyone to hear, and then the Authoress who was running the seminar, gave us some tips on how to better our pieces! Here is the piece I wrote…. (I did delete a sentence she recommended)

Wait….Why was my head and body shaking like a rocking-horse in a tornado? I dared to open my eyes but the sharp light made me snap them shut again. And that awful sound! Who was screaming?! It was as if someone who didn’t know the first thing about singing was recording an opera album through a megaphone.

I heard giggling, a happy bubbly giggle that made me smile, even in my confused state. I opened my eyes again and saw my little brother; his hair sticking straight up, his face happy as could be, as he shook me by my shoulders. My little sister climbed onto my bed, her giggle and infectious grin radiating like a summer sunset.

And then, our giant Labrador Retriever hops onto my bed and licks my face with all the slobber he could muster.

The End…

Flash fiction is a small fictitious story…. only a few hundred words or so. It’s a great way for writers to get creative! Also, another form of flash fiction is a drabble…a “drabble” is a story of exactly 100 words! Now that is a challenge! No more and no less than 100 words.

I am working on a few more fictitious stories to share with you all. 🙂 So stay tuned!

Madi ❤