I felt like writing this post because I’m boreddddd! I want to give you guys more content but I guess I don’t really know what you want. I’ve given poetry, Wordy Wednesday, (That’s coming up in a few) Stories, Tags, Book reviews (OK 1 book review, but I promise more in the future!) And also thoughts and convictions about different topics.
What do you guys like best? What would like to see more of?

Boredom is a disease
Nothing to do
I want release
Need to get through

Wishing for more
I ask you now
What’s in store
The future to wow

Tell me please
What you wish
Grow my expertise
Like a Petri Dish

I hope to comply
And grant your desire
So don’t be shy
Ready. Set. Fire!
~Madison T

I started with the word “Boredom” and came up with a quick little poem for you all 😀
Please give me ideas of what you want to see more of in the comments below!!
Thanks for stopping by!

Madi ❤


{ Pretty Dress }

The other night while trying to sleep, the words of this poem started coming to mind. So at 3-something in the morning I was scribbling these words down so I wouldn’t forget them. 😀 Enjoy, Pretty Dress

Out of the blue
Standing there
Someone new
With brownish hair

‘Hello’ I say
Timid, but strong
You reply, ‘Good day’
Your voice a song

‘Your dress is pretty’
The convo I start
Its long and spinny
And covered in art

You smiled and blushed
Each cheek like a rose
I too, seemed flushed
Especially my nose

Your beauty grows each passing day
How much I can’t express
On our wedding day I wish to say
‘I do’ to my girl in the pretty dress

And there you have it! 🙂 My first poem posted! And also this is the longest poem I’ve ever written!
Sorry also for no Wordy Wednesday this week, we were having internet issues, but we’re all back up and running!
Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!