“Adulting” – A How To Guide + Gifs

Hey guys! I’ve been absent for nearly a month! =O (Or maybe a more…I dunno…) But I’m here!! And I’m hoping to be “here” more often! I’m still trying to adjust to my schedule with work, school and the like….


My life has been pretty hectic lately, and I realized it was all because I have recently come to the brink of adulthood. I thought it would be cool to do a post on “adulting” with some tips from my own experience! Now, I’m new to this sort of thing….and still adapting. (I still watch Disney/cartoons and live with my parents….OK?!) But I decided, why not give it a go? Here you will find some tips and tricks on how to “adult”….


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The Name Game Book Tag

I saw this tag on Madeline J Rose’s blog (Sorry for taking yet another tag! :D) So to do this tag, you name a book you’ve read or recommend, with a title or author, that starts with each letter of your name! 🙂 I’m doing my first and middle name (Madison Christine)…..Here goes!

MMatched by Ally Condie Awesome book! I loved it!!! Yeah….I kinda formed a crush on one of the characters…..not sayin who 🙄 ….but I think Emily had a similar dilemma while reading this book, but with a different guy 😉 XD….

We be like:

A – (The) Ascendance Trilogy  by Jennifer A. Nielson. This is probably my favorite series of all time. There is nothing about them that I do not like! They’re a feel good series for all ages with action, adventure, and a good amount of romance! These are the sweetest, funniest most amazing books!!! ❤ If you haven’t read them, go read them now!


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To The Infinity Award And Beyond

I can’t believe it! I’ve never been nominated for anything before! 😀 Thanks bunches, Daisy for nominating me for The Infinity Award!! ❤

The Questions!

Who is/are your best blogging friend(s)?

(These are just bloggers I feel a connection with and think we would be good friends)
Emily | @For The Bookish

Daisy | @ A Bookish Flower

Audrey | @The Measure of a Book

Madeline J Rose  | @Short & Snappy

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Matched Trilogy Review

The Matched Trilogy review is here!

I just finished Reached the third and final book in the Matched Trilogy. Now I’m in a bad mood, but I left my sulking corner so I could write this review. ;D

Ally Condie did a good job with this series and I have to admit I’m sad that it’s over, but there were some flaws….Here’s what I thought of each of the books and the series in general:

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