I felt like writing this post because I’m boreddddd! I want to give you guys more content but I guess I don’t really know what you want. I’ve given poetry, Wordy Wednesday, (That’s coming up in a few) Stories, Tags, Book reviews (OK 1 book review, but I promise more in the future!) And also thoughts and convictions about different topics.
What do you guys like best? What would like to see more of?

Boredom is a disease
Nothing to do
I want release
Need to get through

Wishing for more
I ask you now
What’s in store
The future to wow

Tell me please
What you wish
Grow my expertise
Like a Petri Dish

I hope to comply
And grant your desire
So don’t be shy
Ready. Set. Fire!
~Madison T

I started with the word “Boredom” and came up with a quick little poem for you all 😀
Please give me ideas of what you want to see more of in the comments below!!
Thanks for stopping by!

Madi ❤


One thought on “Boredom

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