The Glimmer of Hope

Hello Loves! I was tagged by Maddie, over at IHeartGlitterBlog and I just HAD to participate… lalala I start writing my short story….and BOOM a novel idea was born. So now this is only a snippet of the story and I can’t share everything or else someone might STEAL my story idea….OK I’m sure no one would do that….but MAYBE. 😉 So here we go!


It was 9:32 P.M. cool, not cold, breezy and a bit damp. I had just left my local cafe, a warm cup of coffee and a blueberry muffin,  fresh in my stomach, I pulled my sweater’s sleeves down over my hands and walked briskly towards home. When I turned down a side-street I heard something behind me, I whirled around, just as a sack was pulled over my head. I don’t remember blacking out, but I remember waking up. The sack was gone, I was gagged and my arms were bound behind me.

A young man sat in front of me, I could sense he was watching me. I gathered all the coldness I could in my eyes, and head butted him as hard as I possibly could. He cried out, and in moments I was out again, but I felt no pain.

We arrive at our destination I try my hardest to see where we are, but its pitch black, all I can see is a dim light inside of a warehouse building. I’m dragged inside and soon my gag and bonds are removed by an older man. I lunge at the younger of the two guys and my fist reaches his jaw, I was about to wrestle him to the ground, but the older man pushes us apart, he sticks his hand out towards me. “I’m Adam Hendricks” I cross my arms, refusing to shake his hand. “I’m sorry we had to meet like this but we needed to tell you something, and we knew you wouldn’t come any other way.” My cheeks heat in anger. “You had to TELL me something so you kidnap me?! How messed up can you possibly be?” I lunge to the right, knocking Hendricks over and turn to run but a tingling sensation begins to grow in my fingers and soon a burst of light illuminates the dimly lit room. A swirling, glowing rainbow of colors exudes from my hands “What…What is happening to me?!” I gasp, jumping away from my captors. First I’m kidnapped, now this.
“You’re a Glimmer, Hope” The younger man says, stepping forward hesitantly. I couldn’t blame him. “That’s what we needed to tell you.”

“A Glimmer? Is this a prank or something?!” I try desperately to keep my voice calm, and steady, but I fear I will soon lose the battle.
“No, of course not!” Hendricks laughs lightheartedly. “Glimmers are a special kind of human, a human with special abilities to help themselves, and other humans out of dangerous situations.” If he could sense my look of unbelief he didn’t show it, instead, he leads me outside through a back door, the younger man right behind us.
“We haven’t yet figured out what makes a glimmer, but we do know they are very rare, we were so lucky to have found you!” He claps his hands in excitement as if he were a child receiving candy.
“OK, so how did you find me, huh?”
“You’re eyes!” Hendricks laughs.
“My eyes? What do you mean, ‘my eyes’?”
“You must know that your eyes are a spectacular color, and that they’ve been changing recently….”


“Of course I know that, but how did you know that?”
“Social media is a wonderful way to find out things.”
I remember the pics I had just uploaded to Instagram last week, I mentioned how my eyes seemed to be changing colors “You were…stalking me?”
The young man coughs, and Hendricks laughs again, “Yes, dear, we were stalking you, but all for a good reason.”
With a huff I cross my arms over my stomach, it isn’t feeling so good now. “I can call the cops you know that right? This is against the law what you’ve done.”

“We know that Hope, but we need your help.” The young man speaks up, I haven’t seen his face, but his voice is warm and low.
“What do you want from me?” I ask, my voice angry, though I try to calm it.
“We need your glimmer power, my dear!” Hendricks says “You need to train, to strengthen it, to grow your ability!”
“My ability? What IS my ability?! I have glowing fingers….Ooh! I’m a human flashlight!”
“Oh yes, that would be quite useful…, I have something to show you, follow me.”
We walk outside and Hendricks looks to the young man. “Show her.”
“Show her your Glimmer, Crew!”
Apparently Crew is a Glimmer too, I think. He coughs nervously, then steps forward.
He takes a deep breath, presses his shoulders back, then lifts his hand up. As he does a burst of rainbow colored light erupts from his body, the force so strong I nearly lose my balance.

“Someday you will be as powerful as Crew” Hendricks says enthusiastically. “Or, perhaps, more powerful.”
“Wow” I breathe in amazement.
Crew’s cheeks brightened to a deep pink blush as he walks back towards us.
“W..What do I have to do to train?!” I ask, wringing my hands, ready to do whatever I can, whatever I have to, to posses this amazing ability.
“Eat 5 bowls of Fruity Pebbles a day.” Crew replies.
I raise my eyebrows in surprise. “Really?!”
“No.” Crew laughs.

The End…..For now….

GAHHH guys I hope you like it!! I am so excited to write this novel!!

Thanks for stopping and reading!

Madi ❤


25 thoughts on “The Glimmer of Hope

    • Thank You!!! I haven’t even finished writing it, but I’m already fangirling a little bit….so excited to get writing!! Well the first picture was given to me as a prompt, and then I remembered pinning the other two so I went and found them 😛 Thanks for reading!! 🙂 ❤


  1. Ooh! I like it a lot! I was just looking at her challenge and wondering when you’d post yours. All the pictures and the gif you used were great! I love it! I can’t wait to read more!

    Liked by 1 person

    I LOVED it! I saw that contest on Maddie’s blog and was considering entering, but then the deadline came and passed and I couldn’t finish it. 😦
    Although, I must say that you came up with an INSANELY creative story from just that one picture! I thoroughly enjoyed it and can’t wait to see if you write more. *wink wink* 😉
    ~ Suzy

    Liked by 1 person

  3. *is literally speechless* This… THIS… Is amazing!!! Oh my wonderful world of amazingness!!! I LOVE THIS STORY IDEA!!! *wants to read more so badly* Dude you are an amazing writer!!! I love how your mind works and your imagination!!! You have super powers girly! *is still in awe, has no more words*

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much Allie! That means a lot! I am vigorously plotting this novel….ok not really I just have a story board on Pinterest and am vigorously pinning to it…But I’m really excited to write it!!! So glad you liked it! =) ❤

      Liked by 1 person

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