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I saw this tag on Madeline J Rose’s blog (Sorry for taking yet another tag! :D) So to do this tag, you name a book you’ve read or recommend, with a title or author, that starts with each letter of your name! 🙂 I’m doing my first and middle name (Madison Christine)…..Here goes!

MMatched by Ally Condie Awesome book! I loved it!!! Yeah….I kinda formed a crush on one of the characters…..not sayin who 🙄 ….but I think Emily had a similar dilemma while reading this book, but with a different guy 😉 XD….

We be like:

A – (The) Ascendance Trilogy  by Jennifer A. Nielson. This is probably my favorite series of all time. There is nothing about them that I do not like! They’re a feel good series for all ages with action, adventure, and a good amount of romance! These are the sweetest, funniest most amazing books!!! ❤ If you haven’t read them, go read them now!


DDuncan’s War by Douglas Bond. The first book in the Crown and Covenant trilogy which is a MUST read guys! Bond’s writing style is amazing!!! Be warned, they are pretty gory, there is a lot of warring happening.

IIn Between by Jenny B. Jones. The first book in the Katie Parker Production Series. I like The Charmed Life series better than these…(I think…..) But these are pretty awesome too!

SSo Not Happening by Jenny B. Jones. This is the first book in The Charmed Life series! This book, and the series in general are quick, fun reads with humor and just enough romance to leave you warm and fuzzy inside. Love them! BTW Luke the in this book is completely swoon worthyEmoji One's Smiling Face With Heart-Shaped Eyes

OOn The Loose by Jenny B. Jones. The second book in the Katie Parker Production Series.

N – (The)Nancy Drew series by Carolyn Keene. I loved these books too! Grew up reading them, another series that started my love for books!

CCinder by Marissa Meyer. The first book in The Lunar Chronicles. AMAZING. Probably my favorite of the three currently published. I CAN’T WAIT FOR WINTER!!!!


Sorry…..I needed some reassurance….. 😀

H – (The) Hardy Boy series by Frank W. Dixon. I grew up reading these, and to be honest I think they are what got me loving books so much today. I know they’re pretty predictable, but I was 8-10 years old, reading my first series ever and I loved them! They are still a huge inspiration for me today, especially in my writing! Plus, I may, or may not have had a huge crush on Frank Hardy… was my first fictional crush guys! That’s a pretty big deal!

RRed Queen by Victoria Aveyard. This. Book…..I don’t think I have ever been more shocked because of a plot twist in my life. I. Freaked. Out. Whenever I think about it I start hyperventilating. And I just sit there like,

I just keep/kept saying: “OmigoodnessOmigoodnessOmigoodnessOmigoodness” and the other day I started hugging the book and petting it, my sisters like “You OK?” Me like “I don’t knowwww. I know nothing anymore”
Guys! I. never. saw. it. coming. And still, a month after reading it I’m in shock……..I’m in love with this book……I just CAN’T EVEN ANYMOREEEEEEEE… Like:

(The B word was used 3 times in it…I will be whiting that out in my copy because this book was just too good….)

II’m so Sure by Jenny B. Jones (No, not Junie B Jones 😉 ) I definitely recommend this book and the rest of The Charmed Life series. (As you’ll see since I mention them all in this post……)

SSo Over My Head by Jenny B. Jones. The 3rd of The Charmed Life series. I’m not sure which of the three are my favorite…..probably book 1 & 3….Imma have to go read them again……

TThe Prisoner of Cell 25 by Richard Paul Evans. Book 1 of the Michael Vey series. As a proud Veyniac I recommend this series! Book 5 comes out in about a week!! Wooo!

IInkheart by Cornelia Funke. This book was pretty interesting, and my Dad and I read it at the same time, so we got to discuss the plot and characters and I thought that was pretty cool. My Dad has already finished the rest of the series….I have yet to catch up… 😛

I was having trouble remembering books with titles that started with these last two…so instead here are 2 Author’s that I love 🙂

NNielson, Jennifer A. This woman is amazing. She wrote The Ascendance Trilogy and for that I love her work!

EEvans, Richard Paul. Wrote the Michael Vey series, and some people say his writing is cliche and bad, I really like it! And you should sooo go and read the Michael Vey series!!

And there you have it! The Name Game Book Tag!

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoyed this tag!
What are your favorite books/authors with titles/names that start with the letters in your name?! I would love to hear from you!
Come back tomorrow for Wordy Wednesday!

Madi ❤


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    • lol XD I love when I accidentally rhyme xP But Xander is just so 😍 and sweet! And please do this tag! I’d love to see your name-recommended books! 😀


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